Why Maasai Mara University Vice-Chancellor Is To Be Prosecuted

  • Vice Chancellor with four other university officials to be prosecuted.
  • Noordin Haji  says that there is full evidence on prosecuting the officials

Maasai Mara vice-chancellor Mary Waringo and four others are to be prosecuted over the alleged graft of ksh. 177million, which was misappropriated.
In a statement, Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji stated that there was a massive withdrawal of money from the account irregularly belonging to the university and that there is enough evidence to prosecute the five.
Alongside Waringo, Profesor Simon Kasaine Ole Seno (the deputy vice-chancellor, administration, finance, and planning) Professor George Almadi Obere (the Ag deputy vice-chancellor, Academic students affairs 2016 – 2019) Anaklet Biket Okumu (the finance officer) as well as Noor Hassan Abdi (the vice-chancellor driver).

Maasai mara university
File Photo of Maasai Mara Vice Chancellor together in a past event [Photo Courtesy]
In a detailed notice, Haji referred to the withdrawal of the finances was fictitious and that the investigations were done accordingly after the said allegations were brought to him. He further added that the charges revealed how the senior officials were giving orders to the junior officers working in the finance department to write cheques to various bank accounts and present them to the deputy vice-chancellor for signing.
“The illegal activities of irregular withdrawal of funds without accounting for the same, the university suffered a loss of approximately kshs.177,007,754,” he said.

Previous Charge Related To Misappropriation

In September 2019, Waringo was given a compulsory leave from the institution after being allegedly involved with the graft network where the university lost millions of shillings. After thorough investigations, the files were forwarded to Haji, who said that there was an abnormal withdrawal of funds from the university account. Noordin termed the case to be of immense public interest.
Noordin Haji also noted that after thorough investigations, massive amounts of unaccounted money were withdrawn from the university account by officers of finance in charge and delivered to the vice Chancellor Waringo.
Although Maasai Mara University has a well-developed financial system, the Enterprise Planning Resource Planning System with good financial bookkeeping records, there was a deliberate failure within the finance sector that Haji revealed in his statement.
In a clause, Haji said that the five would be apprehended and arraigned in court and charges to be taken against them.
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