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How to Apply for a Digital Driving License

NTSA digital driving license also known as smart driving license has been rolled out in Kenya and drivers can now apply for one using the NTSA online portal.
The Digital driving license came into effect after the government started phasing out the old driving license. Drivers in possession of the old driving license can acquire the smart licenses by making an application. Unlike the previous application process that required drivers to either apply for or renew their licenses through the eCitizen government online portal, applicants for the digital driving license can only make their application using the NTSA government portal.

Features of the smart driving license

The digital driving licenses come fitted with a secure computer chip that will store a driver’s data, it will also contain the driver’s KRA PIN, a national ID Number and Blood Group.
Each card has 100 points and points are deducted when traffic offenses are committed. If the driver reaches the threshold of 40 points, the license will automatically be cancelled.
The smart driving license cost KES. 3000. You will need to have KES. 3,110 in your  M-Pesa Wallet which you will pay to the NTSA pay bill number 206 206 to get the digital driving license. You will then be required to make a payment of Ksh. 3,050 for the digital  Kenyan driving license via M-Pesa.
The digital licence will also carry information such as your vehicle ownership status, number plate of your registered vehicle, etc. This way, theft and fraud will greatly reduce because it will be close to impossible to duplicate or manufacture false information on the NTSA database.

Importance of the Digital Driving License

With all these features integrated into the Digital driving License, your driving history will be available to all future employers and insurers. It will therefore act as proof of your prowess as a driver.
How to apply for a digital driving license

Digital Driving License Application process

  • Open an NTSA account

To be able to apply for a digital driving license, first Open the NTSA web portal using this link Click on Register an account to input your details and follow the process to complete registration.

  • Log into your account

Now that you have registered an account with NTSA, log into your account. You will need to input your ID number and your password to log in. You will need to input the authorization code send to your phone to access the home dashboard of your account

  • Make application

Now search and choose the ‘Driving licence’ option. Click on the ‘Apply for smart driving licence’ on the drop down menu.

  • Fill your details fully

Fill in the details requested and confirm those that are already pre-filled. If you already have a registered vehicle then your details will appear on the online form. However, you might need to update some information including your blood group and eye colour.

  • Proceed to the payment page

Once you have filled the online form, click on the ‘next’ button. This will redirect you to the payment part.

  • Make the payment

Choose your preferred payment method, you can pay via Mpesa Mobile money or bank. The new digital driving licence fee is Ksh 3000, Ksh 50 for convenience charges.In total you will pay ksh.3050 as the digital driving license application fee.

  • Complete the payment

Once you have made the payment,follow the provided instructions and complete the payment. Make sure to print out the payment invoice invoice.

  • Book appointment

Now that you have completed the payment and generated an invoice , go back to the New digital driving licence’ dashboard and click on ‘book appointment.’ Choose a date and time that you will be able to visit the nearest NTSA office.

  • Visit the NTSA office

On the day of appointment, visit the NTSA offices you selected with your invoice print out. Here, NTSA officials will capture your biometrics in the computer system and take your passport photo and a digital signature.

  • Get your digital driving License

Once you have completed the process above and all your information has been processed, you will be informed on when your smart driving license will be ready for collection. Usually, it will take five days for your Digital Driving licence to be ready for collection
How to apply for a digital driving license

NTSA county offices and physical location
  1. NTSA Thika (Kiambu County)

Deputy County Commissioners Offices, Opposite Barclays Bank, Next to Kiambu Lands office

  1. NTSA Nyeri (Nyeri County)

Regional Commissioners complex Nyeri, block C, third floor,Opposite the Nyeri Law Courts.

  1. NTSA Meru (Meru County)

Angaine Plaza 2nd floor

  1. NTSA Embu (Embu County)

Mugo House, Ground Floor

  1. NTSA Nakuru (Nakuru County)

Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre along Nakuru Ravine Road near Show Ground junction

  1. NTSA Eldoret (Uasin Gishu County)

Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre along Police Line Road

  1. NTSA Kericho (Kericho County)

Kericho County Commissioner’s compound, NTSA MVI Centre

  1. NTSA Kakamega (Kakamega County)

Posta, KRA offices

  1. NTSA Kisii (Kisii County)

Umoja Plaza, KRA Building

  1. NTSA Kisumu (Kisumu County)

Swan Centre, 1st floor

  1. NTSA Machakos (Machakos County

Machakos inspection center,along people’s park road.

  1. NTSA  Voi (Taita Taveta County)

Porters House, KRA Offices 1st Floor

  1. NTSA Mombasa (Mombasa County)

IMAARA Building, 1st Floor, on Dedan Kimathi Avenue opposite Pandya Memorial Hospital

  1. NTSA Garissa (Garissa county)

KRA Offices, 1st Floor
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