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How To Pay Ferry Charges Via M-Pesa- Luggage and Motorists

Yes, you can now pay your ferry charges via M-pesa. This is after a new M-Pesa service program in partnership with Kenya Ferry Services was launched to facilitate quick and safer payment method by motorists when they seek Ferry services. The program dubbed Vuka Salama, Lipa salama will enable easy payment process by commuters transporting goods as well.
For long, motorists or individuals wishing to transport goods via ferry had to make long queues to make the cash payment and now the Safaricom M-Pesa partnership will see motorists pay for the ferry charges instantly at their preferred time. Motorists are currently charged Ksh.120 for an empty car, 180 for a loaded car and Ksh.300 for towing.

How To Pay For Ferry Services with M-pesa

By dialing *721# short code USSD number, motorists will be able to make the payment.
Individuals will be able to pay for services such as

  • Car
  • Pick-up/van
  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Buses
  • Fuel
  • Motor Cycle
  • Mkokoteni
  • Penalty
  • Surcharge

Speaking during the deal signing, the Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Bakari Gowa said the solution would allow customers to pay via MPESA acknowledging the firm’s intention to change with times and serve customers better. Gowa further said the deal would increase speed and efficiency as they move to automate most functions of the ferry services including issuance of passes.
On the other hand Safaricom’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa noted that the services will enable payments that are quick, easy and on-the-go as customers interact with the ferry services. The Kenya Ferry Services carry over 300,000 pedestrians and more than 6,000 vehicles daily across the Likoni channel.

Mombasa Likoni Ferry M-Pesa Payment Process

How To Pay For Ferry Services with M-pesa
  • Dial *721# on your Safaricom M-Pesa line then press “Call
  • Choose between Ferry pass for Mombasa to Likoni or Likoni to Mombasa
  • Select Vehicle or luggage type from the options i.e., 1 for Car
  • Select the amount from the menu depending on whether the vehicle is loaded, empty or towing or specify the type of luggage you wish to transport
  • Enter the Vehicle registration number of your car
  • At the moment Kenya ferry services charges Ksh. 120 for an empty car, Ksh. 180 for a loaded one and Ksh. 300 for towing.
  • Select the M-Pesa Payment option
  • Enter Your M-Pesa PIN
  • Confirm the transaction

You will receive M-Pesa transaction message confirming your payment.
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