How Ruto Was Locked Out of Msambweni By-Election. 30 Min Call That Sealed The Fate

Deputy president William Ruto was on the verge of testing his supremacy with Raila Odinga in Msambeni  by-election when a 30 minutes call that was made at Jubilee house forced him to drop his Jubilee candidate.
DP Ruto had arrived at the offices barely an hour after party Secretary General Raphael Tuju made the announcement, citing the ‘handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila. It has since emerged that Tuju placed a phone call to Uhuru, where the DP was reportedly cornered and told to stand with the party position.
Ruto then emerged from the meeting to announce he would stand by the party’s decision a decision that he seemed not much comfortable with.
“We have agreed as a party that we will not field a candidate in Msambweni. This is unfortunate for me and since the decision had been communicated earlier, we will all stand by it,” he said.
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He would then ask the aspirants who wanted a Jubilee ticket to look for an alternative including running as an independent candidates.
Ruto and Tuju are said to have proceeded to the party’s boardroom on Wednesday for a meeting before the secretary-general placed a phone call to the president, who was in Mombasa. The Standard has reported.
The call was put on loudspeaker for the three officials to discuss the reason for not fielding a candidate. It lasted 30 minutes, according to officials at the party.
Tuju is said to have taken  DP Ruto through an internal document prepared by the party, with Uhuru listening in.
Inside information reveals that the decision to place a call to the president was after Ruto protested that he was not consulted in arriving at the decision.
“He was told it was a party decides not to field a candidate. It was on this basis that the party leader was called to tell him as much,” said the source.
However, just a day after this commitment, Ruto, in a sign of defiance, met an independent candidate for the seat – Feisal Abdallah Bader – yesterday morning
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