Man digs own grave, leaves strict instruction on how to be buried

Murang’a man has done the unthinkable by digging his own grave and leaving strict instructions on how he should be buried when he dies.
Samuel Karanja who is now the talk of the village said he has planned his funeral in advance, to save his family from the agony of funeral preparations.
And true to his words, he went ahead and wrote his own eulogy after digging the grave.
“I do not want to bother people at my funeral, most people bother people with their demise but that will not be me” he said.
Speaking to Citizen Digital, Mr. Karanja said he had already left clear instructions on how he wants to be interred; no flowers, no cross, and he will not be expecting his remains to be covered with soil.
His graveside is a single-roomed cavern surrounded by colourful flowers where he will be interred when he dies.
He has even gone ahead and named his final resting place “Kumenya” which translates to “Knowing” and the writings have already been painted on the grave.
grave side
Karanga seems no stranger to controversy as his wife narrated a strange character he has always exhibited.
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His wife told Inooro TV that she has never seen her husband wear a shirt, even when it’s freezing cold or sweltering hot
“He never wears a shirt, he says he hates warmth and even when he is working in the shamba, you will see him shirtless” she said.

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