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KMTC online Application and Admission Process

The following is a full guide to Kenya Medical Training Colleges KMTC student portal, account login for course registration, admission letter fee structure and fee payment and the online application process for students.
Each year KMTC admits qualified students from secondary schools to various KMTC certificate and diploma course. The period one takes to study entirely depends on the course being undertaken and the entry level

KMTC online Application and Admission Process
KMTC Online admission Process

The good news is that KMTC has made it possible for students to process their application and admission forms for various courses through the KMTC online student portal. You do not have to visit the training campus.
All applications are made ONLINE with an application fee of Ksh. 2022 payable via MPESA pay bill No. 964150 following the procedure outlined on the KMTC
How to create KMTC student portal, KMTC student online account website (
The admission process involves

  • Download KMTC admission letter
  • Apply for different courses
  • Check fee payments
  • Apply for scholarships
How to Create your KMTC Student Portal

It is through the student portal that students are able to make application and process their admission
To create your student portal

  1. Log to KMTC official website
  2. Click on the KMTC student PORTAL menu item, the last item on the right side
  3. You will land on the online registration portal
  4. If you have registered an account, log in using your email and password
  5. If you don’t have an account, click on the (Have no account? Register).
  6. This will direct you to creating account form
  7. Enter your valid email and password
  8. Click on Create Account Button
  9. An email will be sent to your official email address with a link to verify your account.
  10. Open your email and Click on the email link
  11. You will be redirected to KMTC portal.
  12. Fill in your personal information on the account creation form provided
  13. Click on the register button
  14. Confirm your information
  15. Click save changes.
KMTC Online Course Application Process

Before you can apply for any course it is important to get to know the qualification requirements for a given course. Course duration and Fees.

  1. Click on the applications
  2. Select apply
  3. You will be directed to option 1 course selection
  4. Select the Option 1 course level (Diploma or Certificate)
  5. Click Search
  6. Select your desire course from the list
  7. Fill in the form details as guided by the from labels
  8. Make sure that all fields are filled
  9. Once done, click on submit application
  10. You will be redirected to Option 2 Form
  11. Select the course level (Diploma or Certificate)
  12. Click Search
  13. A form will appear within the page
  14. Select your desired option 2 course
  15. Fill in the form details as guided by the from labels Make sure that all fields are filled
  16. Click on submit application

By following these steps you will successfully make your online application
If you need more information you can use the contacts on the KMTC website, You can also visit a particular KMTC branch for assistance or clarification
Take away
All applicants for admission to KMTC are advised to ensure that their applications are correctly done so as to compete for opportunities fairly; some of the areas to note are as follows;

  1. KMTC has many courses at various levels and varying entry requirement clusters therefore taking time to read the advertisement that has key information necessary for the application to be made with clear information in important.
  2. Determine the course you would like to study and be sure you meet the qualification requirements.
  3. Plan for your training at KMTC on time, funding and social support
  4. Be ready to take up your course if successful in any part of this country since our campuses are spread all over the country
  5. Follow the application guideline
  6. Always apply on time

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