Diploma in Business Administration At Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology

A Diploma in Business Administration at At Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology is a shorter-term, undergraduate-level program that provides students with foundational knowledge and skills in various aspects of business administration. It is a practical and career-focused program that prepares students for entry-level positions in business or serves as a stepping stone to further education in the field.

Qualifications to study Diploma in Business Administration at Dedan Kimathi University

To study a Diploma in Business Administration Program at Dedan Kimathi University one must be a holder of KCSE aggregate Grade of C (Plain) with a C-(minus) in English or Kiswahili and Mathematics.

Study Mode

Main Campus & Nairobi Campus

Full Time, Evening & Weekend

Here are some key aspects and subjects typically covered in a Diploma in Business Administration program At Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology:

Diploma in Business Administration Key Study Areas

1. Core Business Subjects: The program covers essential business disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, business law, and business communication. These subjects provide a broad understanding of the key principles and concepts of business administration.

2. Specializations and Electives: Some diploma programs offer specializations or elective courses that allow students to focus their studies on specific areas of business, such as entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, finance, or operations management. These specializations provide a deeper understanding of a particular field of interest.

3. Accounting and Financial Management: Students learn basic accounting principles, financial statement analysis, budgeting, and financial decision-making. They develop skills in interpreting financial information and understanding the financial health of a business.

4. Marketing and Sales: This subject area covers the basics of marketing principles, market research, advertising, branding, product development, and sales techniques. Students learn how to create marketing strategies and effectively promote products or services.

5. Management and Leadership: Students gain knowledge of management principles, leadership theories, organizational behavior, and team dynamics. They develop skills in managing people, resources, and processes within organizations.

6. Business Communication: The program emphasizes effective written and oral communication skills for business settings. Students learn how to prepare business documents, deliver professional presentations, and communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

7. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management: Some programs include courses on entrepreneurship and small business management. Students learn about identifying business opportunities, creating business plans, and managing the various aspects of starting and running a small business.

8. Business Ethics and Legal Considerations: This subject covers ethical considerations in business decision-making and the legal framework of business operations. Students gain an understanding of ethical practices, social responsibility, and legal regulations affecting businesses.

9. Computer Applications in Business: The program may include courses on computer applications, such as spreadsheets, databases, and business software. Students learn how to use technology for data analysis, project management, and other business-related tasks.

10. Professional Development: Some programs incorporate professional development courses to enhance students’ soft skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These skills are crucial for success in a business environment.

A Diploma in Business Administration can open doors to a variety of entry-level business positions in different industries. Graduates may find employment in roles such as administrative assistant, customer service representative, sales coordinator, office manager, or assistant manager. Additionally, some graduates choose to continue their education by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related fields.

Dedan Kimathi University Application Process

Application forms can be obtained from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Main Campus and Nairobi Campus or downloaded from the University website www.dkut.ac.ke. One can submit dully filled application forms or apply online from our website https://www.dkut.ac.ke/index.php/academics/admission/apply-online, upon payment of a non-refundable application fee of Ksh.3, 000 for PhD,  Ksh.1, 500 for Masters,Ksh.1, 000, for Undergraduate Degree, Ksh 500/- for Diploma and Certificate  Programmes to any of  the bank accounts on the application forms.

Registrar (Academic Affairs)

P.O. Box 657 – 10100 Nyeri

Tel: 061- 2050000

Registrar AA office: 0713 835 965 registraraa@dkut.ac.ke

Nairobi Campus:   0710-127516  directornairobi@dkut.ac.ke    

Marketing office:  0713-123021 marketing@dkut.ac.ke 


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