Chief Justice Salary: How Much Does Martha Koome Earn?

Chief justice made history as the first female to be elected as the president of the highest court in Kenya and with her office comes high salaries and hefty allowances.
As Chief Justice and the president of the supreme court, Chief Justice Martha Koome is the highest paid Judicial officer and controls billions assigned to the legislative arm of the government.
According to the 2017 Salary review by the salary and remuneration Commission,Justice Martha Koome earns a monthly gross salary of Sh. 990,000. This salary is topped up with huge allowances that are as high as Sh. 300,000. This increases her monthly earnings to about Sh. 1,300,000 over million per month.
On the other hand, the deputy chief Justice of Kenya earns a monthly gross salary of Ksh. 821,333 and is entitled to allowances amounting to over Ksh.300,00. This leaves deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwillu with a monthly salary of over Ksh. 1,200,000.
Judges of the Supreme court are also among the highly paid Judges in Kenya with each of the Judges taking home over ksh.1,200,000 in monthly salaries with the figure slightly below what the deputy Chief Justice earns.
Next from the Supreme court judges are the judges of the court of appeal who take home monthly basic salary of Ksh.689,224 each month with the amount being topped up by monthly allowances that pushes their salaries to a tune of Ksh. 1,122,759 per month.

Benefits for Judges and Magistrates in Kenya

Among allowances allocated to the Chief Justice of Kenya include.
The Chief Justice is entitled to Sh. 10 million inpatient insurance scheme with an outpatient cover of Sh. 300,000.
Additionally the Chief Justice has access to either a top of the range Land Cruiser 200 Series, popular referred to as V8, and, or a Mercedes Benz E or S class.
When the Chief justice sits in the JSC meetings, the Chief Justice gets an additional allowance on top of her monthly salary and allowances.
Each of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) members earns between Sh. 150,000 and Sh. 250,000. All these falls under responsibility allowances. As Chair, Justice Koome is entitled to an allowance of Sh. 20,000 to Sh. 25,000 each per JSC sitting for disciplinary cases and recruitment purposes.
Official transport is provided for the Chief justice and the Deputy Chief Justice by the state.
The Chief Justice, the deputy Chief Justice and the Judges of the supreme court are provided with annual medical cover to cover self, spouse and upto four children below the age of 25 years. Under the cover they are entitled to

  • Inpatient medical cover of up to Ksh. 10 Million
  • Outpatient medical cover of upto Ksh.300,000
  • Maternity – Ksh.150,000
  • Dental – Ksh. Ksh.75,000
  • Optical – ksh. 75,000

Retirement benefits – The chief justice and the judges of the supreme court are entitled to pension benefits in line with the current employment laws.
Group Life Insurance – Judges and magistrates are covered for a value equivalent to three times of the annual basic remuneration package.
Group personal accident Cover– Judges and magistrates are covered for a value equivalent to three times of the annual basic remuneration package.
The Chief Justice is also entitled to; Car Loan and Mortgage benefits, Special Judicial Duty allowance, Existing Extra duty Allowance and Non- practicing Allowance

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