Funny Many Flaqo Announces His YouTube Channel Comeback

The sensational online entertainer and fast growing funny man Erastus Ayieko Otieno better known as Flaqo Raz has hinted on the comeback of his YouTube channel.
Flaqo woke up to a harsh reality some few days ago when his YouTube channel was deactivated by YouTube on copyright allegations.
This came at a time Flaqo was preparing to launch a new show that is different from the skits he had been doing.
“I was about to launch a new show that is different from the skits I have been doing but now I have to wait until the issue is fixed. I expect a response on Monday,” he told
However, it appears that all is not lost for the multi-talented comedian who plays different roles of various characters in his skits.
On Thursday, Flaqo took to social media to announce the comeback of his channel after the intervention of his YouTube aggregator Ngomma .
“Ngomma Vas(my aggregators) told me the YouTube channel will be back latest tomorrow,Friday,they are handling it,so it’s all patience for now” Flaqo posted on his Twitter page.
Well, this is good news for Flaqo and his fans and soon you will be able to enjoy his skits that he frequently posts on YouTube.
Most YouTube accounts for artists among them musicians and comedians are usually managed by content aggregators and Ngomma is one of the biggest aggregator in the region. Ngomma manages accounts for a majority of artists in Kenya, Tanzania and the wider East Africa region.
Prior to the shutdown of his account, Flaqo had just received YouTube Silver Button Award for attaining over 100K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Flaqo displaying his Silver Button Award he received from Youtube.[PHOTO SOURCE: INSTAGRAM]
According to digital content experts, YouTube has two ways of tracking copyright violations. One is when the copyright holder notices that their video was used without their permission. The offended creator then sends YouTube a complaint and if it is legitimate, the video is taken down.
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The second method is where YouTube uses its content ID system which matches uploaded content against millions of videos. Copyright owners have to upload reference files or original versions of their work that prove they own the rights.
Every new video uploaded on YouTube is checked against this huge library of reference files, and if there is a match, YouTube automatically files a copyright claim for the owner of the work.
Artists who lose their accounts under such circumstances can however get an easy way out if they are signed under an aggregator. However, they still need to be original content creators. In this case the aggregator acts as your advocate.
A YouTube account is usually terminated if it gets up to three copyright warnings.
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