10 Facts you need to know about Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi

Until recently, little was known about Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi the wife to Musician and Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine. Here are some amazing facts about Barbie Kyagulanyi that you need to know.

10 Facts you need to know about Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi

Number 1: She was born in 1985

From her young looks, one would wonder how old Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is. The fact is that Bobi wine’s wife was born in 1985. Recently on 7th September, Barbie celebrated her 35th Birthday.

Number 2: she is the Founder of Caring Hearts Uganda organization

Barbie is the founder of Caring Hearts Uganda a non-profit organization that promotes and enhances the quality of youth through sustainable development, lifelong education and enhancing entrepreneurial skills.

Barbie addressing the public in a past event [Photo Source: Instagram]

Number 3: Barbie and Bobi met at the Ugandan national theater

Bobi Wine met with Barbie back in 2000 while they were both acting a play. At that time, Barbie was still a student at Bweranyangi Girls School. In the play, they were both acting the main roles where Barbie was the first lady and Bobi was the president.

Number 4: Barbie is a graduate from Makerere University

After completing her secondary education, Berbie Joined Makerere University where she studied Social Work and Social Administration Course.
Barbie was quoted a while back saying the reason she studied Social Work and Social Administration course was because she thought it was going to push her into activism.

Number 5: Barbie is an author

Barbie is the author of one of the bestselling book “Golden Memories of a Village Bella”. This book draws its beauty from the didactic ideas and glamorous flow of events in her real life story. It is also written with a great sense of homour that is derived from facts that any child growing up in the village setting can identify with.
She is also known for her key contributions to charity work, HIV awareness, Cancer awareness, girl child education awareness and malaria eradication.

Number 6: Barbie and Bobi Wine lived together for 10 years before marriage

Their colorful union in 2011 at Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala after 10 years together was graced by royalty and boasted the Queen consort of the Kingdom of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda and Prince David Wassajja in attendance. Her back tattoo of the popstar’s face, however, stole the show at the wedding and dotingly engraved the love they have for each other.

Number 7: She is blessed with four children

Barbie and her husband Bobi Wine are blessed with for children. The two have a balance of two boys and two girls
Barbie and her family

Number 8: Bobi Wine is the husband she prayed for

Barbie revealed that she used to pray together with her girlfriends way back while in high school about their future husbands.
“We thought we were going to leave secondary and get married, of course. It was a great idea and dream to have a good man in the vicinity.” She stated.
Bobi Wine has never shied away from pouring praises to Barbie on the kind of a wonderful wife she is.
“I do not know what to say about my wife Barbie. She has fought several battles for me and I believe would not be here if I did not have her support. There is nothing I can give back to her but I pray that God guides her and gives her whatever she desires,” said Bobi Wine during a recent interview.
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Barbie and Bobi Wine

Number 9: Bobi Wine was her first boyfriend

Barbie revealed that she had never been in any relationship with a man when she first met Bobi Wine.
In an interview with New Vision back in 2011, Barbie stated. “I have never been in a relationship with anyone before. Seven months after meeting, I realized that Bobi Wine was serious about the whole relationship.”

Number 10: Barbie comes from South Western Uganda

Barbie is a village girl.  She was raised in the village of Kyempene, Rugarama Sub County in the south-western part of Uganda, Ntugamo District.
She is active on social media and you can find her on instagram @barbiekyagulanyi
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