How To Get Hired At Google

Many skillful people desire to work with top-level companies and among these top companies, Google is one of them. But one may ask, what does it take to get hired by Google recruitment team? Just like any company Google has its own internal hiring process.
You may be thinking that you require a bunch of degrees to secure a job with Google. Actually, google prioritizes skills and talent over papers. This means the skills you have acquired in the tech world might be just what Google is looking for.
So, how can one get hired at Google?  Well, this question can well be answered by experts who work with Google Recruitment Team.
Here is the hiring process at Google as Explained by Brinleigh Murphy a Business recruiter at Google and Okwus Ubogagu a Technical Recruiter at Google.

10 Hiring Steps at Google
Below are steps to follow to get hired at Google
  • The first step is getting your application to Google– Start by browsing open jobs around the world through the  Google Careers site and find up to three jobs that match your skills and interests.
  • Get Your Resume Ready– The good thing is that Google doesn’t require degrees from certain universities  to get recruited (or a university at all, depending on the role)
  • Your Application gets reviewed- Google has a team of highly-trained pros who look over your resume and connect the dots between your experience and roles at Google.
  • Get Contacted– Once your resume is reviewed, you may hear from a Google Team recruiter. If you don’t hear from them in a few weeks, you can assume that they are moving forward with other candidates unless otherwise noted – but they might reach out in the future if another role is a match
  • Expect a phone call– After a recruiter reaches out to you, phone calls are usually the next step. Typically, they will chat and learn more about you, your interests, experiences, etc. At this point, you may then have phone interviews with Googlers that are more specific to the job or team.
  • Onsite Interview at Google-You’ll usually have four 45-minute interviews where you meet a variety of Googlers, demonstrate your abilities, and have time to ask questions about your interviewer, the role, the team.
  • Vetting– At this point Google recruiting team will undertake a vetting to determine the suitability of the applicants to the related jobs. During this process the Google team will be looking for four major attributes from you namely cognitive ability, related knowledge, leadership, and your ability to thrive.
  • Get Feedback– At this point, your recruiter will share your interview feedback and scores, resume, references, and any work samples you submitted with the hiring committee.
  • Get Recommended– If the committee recommends you, that recommendation and all of your information is sent to a senior leader, who provides another layer of objectivity, for final review.
  • Get An Offer– The final stage on hiring process at Google is getting an offer. If everything is approved, your recruiter will get in touch and make an offer!
That’s it. you will be ready to report to work at Google at this stage. However it is good to note that your first days or months at google may require you to go through internal training to get to know how the company operates and how you will be working with others.
Orientation is much critical to get you started

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