Why you should start eating cassava

To many Cassava is just another traditional tuber crop but to some, cassava is a life changing meal rich in nutrients that should not miss in ones diet. The tuber crop has more health benefits than you can imagine. Cassava can be eaten either raw, cooked or dried.
While currently the consumption of processed foods is on the rise many under look meals deemed as traditional. Perhaps its time we went back to our traditions and start embracing our traditional meals. On top of the list is cassava, and this is why you should consider eating cassava from now.

Cassava is rich in folic acid

To start off from the cassava leaves, they are rich in folic acid which is highly required by pregnant mothers before and during pregnancy. Folic acid plays a bigger role in organ formation of a developing baby.
However, the leaves should properly be prepared before they can be served. The preparation process involves pounding the leaves properly and boiling them before they can be served.

Cassava leaves
File Photo of cassava leaves

Cassava is rich in vitamin A

Cassava is rich in vitamin A that enhances vision. The crop is also rich in potassium that plays a bigger role in lowering blood pressure.

Cassava helps reduce constipation

Cassava is also rich in dietary fiber. The insoluble fiber helps improve the condition of the digestive system. This in return reduces cases of constipation.

Cassava is rich in carbohydrates

Another key component of cassava is carbohydrates. The tuber can supply a considerable amount of daily calories. The carbohydrate contend of cassava is so high that it comes third after Rice and maize.
Eating cassava ensured you have enough energy to face the daily hustle. The bulky nature of the tuber keeps one full all day long cutting down on spending more on meals during the day to recharge your energy.
Cassava starch is an important ingredient in sauces, gravies, baby foods, thickening agents, confectionery and other food products.
Did you also know that the liquid extracted from cassava if believed to manage diarrhea, just like water drained from boiled rice. Yes? Sipping the liquid will keep you fit and much healthier.

Cassava is rich in Vitamin C

To sum up cassava, is rich in vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin,calcium and manganese. Vitamin C helps boost your immune keeping most diseases at bay.
These and many more others are good reasons why you should consider including cassava on your menu.

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