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What To Do When You Are Wrongfully Blacklisted on CRB

At one point, you may realize that you have been wrongfully listed on CRB. I have met so many people who claim to have been listed on CRB by mistake. This is a common case most Kenyans find themselves in and many do not know how to get out. Well, this article will give you reasons why you may find yourself wrongfully listed on CRB and the steps you should take to get cleared.

But maybe you are asking how comes you were wrongfully listed?

There are various cases that can lead one to get listed on CRB without their knowledge. It is always advisable to regularly check your CRB status and make sure you’re the in the know zone on your status.

Reasons you were wrongfully listed on CRB

  • A different Number Registered Under You ID was used

One of the major reasons you may be listed is because another number registered using your ID was used to secure mobile money. This is a common case if you had someone register a phone number using your details. In this case, the holder of the number can easily get mobile loans and should they fail to repay it on time, you will be listed.

  • You Guaranteed A Someone

If you gave out your details as a guarantor, you will be listed on CRB if the borrower defaults and fails to pay the loan on time. This is especially common if the guarantors have failed to make the loan repayment on behalf of the borrower.

  • You forgot You Had A Loan

In some cases, borrowers take small mobile loans and later on forget them before they have settled them. If you used a different number that is no longer in service the money lenders may find it hard to reach you. In this case you will realize years later that you have borrowed a loan that you never repaid.

What To Do When you realize you were listed on CRB by Mistake

The following steps should help you get cleared if you were wrongfully listed on CRB;

  • Get your CRB full report. Getting your full CRB report is the first step. You can get your full CRB report from, Metropol, TransUnion or Creditinfo. You can as well quickly get your CRB report from a CRB agent. The CRB report will contain names of the money lender that listed you
  • Analyze the report. Once you have the report, go through it and look for critical information. Some of the details you will be able to find on the report include; Phone numbers registered under your ID number, non-performing accounts that were listed, name of money lender that listed you, listing dates and amount.
  • Recall if you ever took the loan in dispute. You can use the details on the Credit report to get some details of the loan. If it is a loan you took and have the loan details and repayment method. Go ahead and repay it.  However, if the loan status is ‘Write off’ you may need to contact the money lender to assist you on how to clear it.
  • If you are certain the loan amount under non-performing account was not taken by you. Reach out to the lending institution for assistance. They will help you resolve the issue and should it be determined that you have to pay the loan, you will be advised on how you can make the loan repayment.
  • Once the loan has been paid in full, ask the money lender it issue you with a batch number associated with the loan account.
  • Contact the CRB company or any CRB agent and request for clearance.
  • You will be asked to provide the batch number you were issued by the money lender. If you do not have the batch number, they will be able to assist you as well
  • Once your records have been updated and cleared, you will be issued with a CRB clearance certificate.

By following the above steps, you will be able to know who took the loan and who listed you on CRB. All these information will be available on your CRB report. It is important to maintain a good CRB record and be on a watch out.



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