Wanted Business Man Arrested At JKIA While Attempting To Fly Out Of The Country

The Directorate Of Criminal Officers (DCI) have today announced the arrest of a business man while attempting to fly out of the country.
The business man identified by the name Innocent Oundo Silling was preparing to depart to Dubai when the DCI detectives pounced on him at JKIA. The arrest was following a stop order placed by the DCI headquarter placed on 24th September 2020.
“While acting as a director of Project Capital solutions, Mr Sillingi obtained over 10 Million Shillings by falsely pretending he would arrange for letters of credit, discounting of documents facility for suppliers and credit funding program.” DCI Stated
Further, the suspect claimed he would also finance the supply of both the project and working capital under certain terms and conditions.
The Directorate of criminal Investigation is in the process of opening charges against Mr. Sillingi.
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This comes just a day after a consignment of Miraa (Khat) was nabbed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while being transported as French beans and egg plants.

Six suspects namely Ahmed Habib, James Ngure, Duke Mutambo, Raphael Ngotho, Stephen Ngugi and Julius Mulwa were arrested during the operation.
The cartons containing the exhibit were intercepted in a motor vehicle under registration number 122R at the Airways Cargo Export section.
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