Dr Ezekiel Mutual Mutua Fires Back at Mulamwah

David Oyando, alias Kendrick Mulamwah is a man on the receiving end after he attempted to remind KFCB chair Dr. Ezekiel Mutua to fulfill a promise he made to him last year.
Whether it was a comedy stance that the comedian was trying to pull or a promise he was chasing, his sentiments did not go down well with Mutua and other Kenyans.
In his Twitter post, Mulamwah reminded Mutua he had promised to buy him a shirt, mentor him and make him an ambassador of clean content.
His sentiments came at a time Mulamwah had set a blaze his signature shirt and announced his exit in the comedy arena following looming cyber bullying claims.
”I hear that twitterates are driving Mwalmwah out of Comedy and into depression. Bro pick yourself up and give me a call. I will buy you a new shirt, mentor you and make you an ambassador of clean content. The best way of dealing with cyber bullies is to refuse to give up” Dr Ezekiel mutual wrote on April 15th last year

10 months down the line, Mulamwa send a reminder to the Film Corp informing him it was almost a year and wondered whether the promise was just a tweeting moment.
“Hellow sir, Ezekiel Mutua, it’s almost a year since your promise , did you mean it or you were just tweeting for the moment , or am I “inaccessible”?. If the GVT cannot help us as youth , then please don’t instill false hope in us,it’s better you leave us to suffer in peace  Mulamwah wrote on February 16th .
In his response Mutual informed Mulamwah that his promise was personal and not government. He also informed the funny man that after doing a background check on him, he realized he was not fit for Clean Content Ambassadors bill.
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“Bro, my little token of support was personal, not Govt. Sorry if it gave you a false sense of entitlement. We did a background check on you and U didn’t fit the “Clean Content Ambassadors” bill. We do not support filth & bad manners. Content does not have to be dirty to sell!” Dr. Ezekiel Mutua fired back.
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Other Kenyans did not take Mulamwah’s sentiments lightly and weighed in as well. On such Kenyan was Bravin Yuri who advised the funny man to go back to his doctor profession.
“That’s why I said, he should have gone to doc. His Post was engulfed in entitlement rather than a reminder. All in all Mulamwah should have gone to the Doc personally or via DM.” Bravin Yuri stated.
Last year, Mulamwah had a hard time seeking for forgiveness from Kiss 100 radio presenter Kameme Goro for allegations of body shaming her.
In his attempt to reconcile with the radio queen, Kameme turned down his remorseful pleads terming it an act of cowardice.