Video Of Raila Watching Ruto Sing Goes Viral, But Here Is the Trick

For the better part of Wednesday, a video of Raila Odinga watching DP William Ruto sing went viral and many were kept talking.
In the video, Ruto is seen singing a vernacular Kikuyu song while on the other hand Raila who is seated on the couch is carefully watching and following the song. The video which suddenly went viral allover the social media raised many question on especially who too the video during the past event.
In as much as the video of Ruto singing was captured on camera sometimes back, it is the video of Raila that raises the question of authenticity.
A close look at the video reveals many misses.
First the TV is badly positioned and is not in line with the room’s perspective. The crooked edges on the left side of the TV stand show that it was edited to fit the scene.
On the other hand,there are jump cuts on the video indicating that it was edited. Raila’s movements are looped and there is no illumination from the TV. The video is clearly fake.
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Additional searches in the past file footage indicates that the video of Raila had been obtained from a 2018 interview where he sat with then-Citizen TV presenter Hussein Mohammed.
While the imposed video of the Deputy President was lifted from an event where he had hosted leaders from Meru County for prayers at his Karen residence in Nairobi recently.
In case you missed the video, here it is, can can you point out the misses?

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