Twitter Starts Paying Content Creators For Posting On The Platform

Twitter has made it official and has started paying content creators for the content they produce and post online on twitter.

Early this Month, Twitter CEO Elon musk had hinted of this. “Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads” Elon Musk made the announcement on 3rd of February.

While this might be good news for most creators, this option will not be eligible for all creators. You will have to be eligible before you get the approval. So, who is eligible for twitter content creators.

All twitter users can be eligible provided you have the blue verification tick which starts at $8 a month.

So how will the ads be served on your tweets, the thing is the ads will have to appear on the content that you originally authored, with this, you will only earn from ads that are served in the comment section.

While this is great for many, many are afraid that twitter comment sections will now be flooded with ads. There are also fears that spamming activities may start rising as creators compete for more space in the comment section to display ads.

For long, tweeter had kept the revenue sharing option with creators as not option. The platform has enjoyed 100% percent of the revenue generated from the platform.

Other online platforms such us Google, have been working on the revenue sharing module with creators where website  and YouTube owners who opt for monetization are usually paid by Google.

TikTok only announced its own ad revenue sharing program mid last year with TikTok Pulse, though the offer was only extended to accounts with at least 100,000 followers — a lofty cutoff. The ad revenue sharing model is even less common on platforms that emphasize text rather than video.