Meet The Man Who Makes Dark Skin Toned Prosthetics For Black Amputees

John Amanam is not your usual sculptor, he has ventured into the most unlikely field that many could not imagine. He is the founder of Immortal Cosmetic art and has been in the business of creating Prosthetics for the black people. The foundation creates hyper-realistic prostheses for darker skin tones.

For long, the only solution for amputees who needed artificial body part was to have a white prosthetic, giving a unmatching skin colour to the patients. However, John so this as an opportunity since many amputees seems uncomfortable in foreign skin.  White people are often the focus of the prosthesis market. Consequently, Africans have been using prosthetics that do not match their skin colour. John Amanam, the founder of Immortal Cosmetic Art, is plugging this gap by creating hyper-realistic prostheses for darker skin tones.

John Amanam is a Nigerian sculptor and prosthetic artist from Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state. Before founding Immortal Cosmetic Art, he used to be a movie special effects artist. Amanam’s innovation — which spans prosthetic hands, legs, fingers, toes, ears, noses, and breasts — was so rare that he registered a patent over his innovation in Nigeria last year. However, his work, which has thrilled many Africans, comes with a backstory.

The World Health Organization estimates 30 million people in emerging economies live with amputated limbs, and only five per cent of them have access to prosthetics.

Amanam always knew he wanted to be an artist. But he did not know that he would one day be a prosthetic innovator. “I never thought of producing prostheses in my life until I had a problem. My brother had an accident that led to amputation. Then we tried to import a prosthesis for him, but they were all white skin tones. I somehow thought black prostheses were already in vogue. I thought there was someone else or some other company making them. I thought maybe I just couldn’t find them. I then decided to make one for him myself. I started researching and then became passionate about prostheses. Before then, I did not know black prostheses were not in the market. It was after I started getting calls and recommendations that I knew I was the only one doing it.” He stated.

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