Top 25 Best Photo Studios in Kisumu

Today, art and creativity are ways through which young generation can escape meaningless life. The ability of creating art through camera lens is a relief; the true reflection of life within yourself is what you put in the frame. Photographers use their imaginations to create tangible images to the viewers, they colour the world with their cameras, and they adjust tints of images and temperature.Kisumu has some of the best photo studios.

As technology develops, photographers have settled in various stations of working. They have opened photo studios in various places. In Kisumu, photo studios are established all over the region. The residences take quality photos and keep their memories alive. Photographs preserve memories. A single photo is enough to resurface lost memories and create a vivid picture in your mind. Photographers can be identified by quality pictures they produce.

The fact that camera creates employment cannot be denied, Kisumu photographers are now making a better living out of this art. A developed photo studio needs more workers  and necessary quality equipment to improve customers’ satisfaction. In Kisumu photographers have started and developed various studios in different parts. The following is a list of photo studios in Kisumu and relevant information you need to know about them.


Best Photo Studios in Kisumu


  1. Sir Me Pix Studio

They also produce videos, weeding photos, fashion, family photos, profession photos, graduation photos and other events

Phone number: 0703828738

Email: [email protected]

Location: Mega City, Kisumu and Mega Mall Kakamega Professional Photographer


Open at 9am to 5:30pm from Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 5:30pm on Sunday.

  1. Uncle S Studio World

This is the studio of your choice. They capture memories by their camera. Opening from 7:30am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday and break on Sunday. For family photo shoots, baby showers, framing, photo enlargement, graduation shoots and other photography needs are available.

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Phone number: 0705006471

Email: [email protected]


Physical Location: Mega City Mall, Nairobi Road Mega Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street Kisumu

  1. Escmart Photo Studio

Opening from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday and break on Sunday.

Phone number: 0726960059

  1. Snaptric Media

The studio opens from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. They capture moments and keep that memory in a photograph

Location: Oginga Odinga Road, Pioneer Building Floor Room 210

Phone number: 0790896211

Email: [email protected]

Professional photography and videography


  1. Ken Photo Imaging

Opened from 8:30am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4pm on Saturday and break on Sunday. It is your solution to photography and videography for birthdays, wedding, funeral and other occasions.

Phone number: 0735750829


  1. Amecha Studios

Opened at 9am to 8pm from Monday to Sunday. Located at Kodiero Business Complex, Kondele in Kisumu Kenya

Phone number: 0705460910

  1. Chanuka Studio

Pictures, events, music, weddings and more

Phone number: 0727772649

Email: [email protected]

  1. Otonglo Photo studio

Working from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Sunday.

Location: Next to Kodiaga Junction, Otonglo Kisumu-Busia Road

Phone number: 0722535925

  1. Fotocolor Studio

It is working in photo activities

Physical location: Oginga Odinga Road Wedco Center

Tel: 0572024059


  1. CT Studio

Operating from 10:30am to 9:30pm, located at Guardian Angel Booking Office, Kisumu-Busia Road, all photo services are offered

Phone number: 0726635857

  1. Pkingdaniells Photography Studio

Is opened from 8:3am to 6:30pm from Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 6:30pm on Sunday

The studio produces vivid pictures

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Location: Achieng Oneko Road, Kisumu

Phone number: 0759886854

  1. Mejasan Media Production

Offers photography, videography and video production services, gives unforgettable experience

Phone number: 070086489/0795804205


Email: [email protected]

Location: Migosi in Kisumu

[email protected]

  1. Stal Images

They provide professional photography and videography to help create memories. Photographers do everything that the client wants. Opened from 8:30am to 8:30pm from Monday to Sunday

Phone number: 0712231444

Email: [email protected]


Physical location: Market Quinten Mall, Paul Mbuya Road, Kisumu

  1. Wellz Empire Production

The studio is also available in Kisumu. Offers professional photography, graphics design and video company in Kisumu, also does events organization for other companies and individuals that have something to showcase

Opened from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday and break on Sunday

Phone number: 0707186553


Email: [email protected]

Physical location: Kisumu

  1. Starwisha Studios

Is located along Kakamega road opposite Coptic Church Mamboleo Junction in Kisumu, Opened from 9am to 6:30pm from Monday to Sunday

Phone number: 0707248488

  1. Moses Photo Studio

Phone number: 0755716917

Email: [email protected]

  1. Shinners Photo Lab

Is located at Oginga Odinga, Achieng Oneko Road, Kisumu

  1. Picha Kisumu

Produces everyday images of daily life happenings, opening from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday and break on Sunday

Phone number: 0720665783

  1. Alpha photography

They deliver quality at events, Opened 24 hours from Monday to Sunday


Phone number: 0707072929

  1. Luanda Photo Studio

Located in Kisumu-Busia Road, opens from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday

Phone number: 057351442

  1. Charming Photo Studio

The studio is located at Siaya farmers Center building next to Taosm Bar

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Phone number: 0721335011

  1. Sean Gabriels Photo Studio

Is located at Joventure, along Kibos road in Kisumu

Phone number: 0726373438

  1. Oramedia Regional Studios

They capture your lakeside moments. They are available for photography needs in Kisumu, accessing areas like Homabay, Rongo, Migori, Siaya, Bondo and many others.

Phone number: 0700671662

[email protected]

[email protected]

  1. BPM Creations

Video shooting and editing and photo shoots. They offer best quality pictures and edit them before delivery

Phone number: 0720555864

P.O. Box 7552, Kisumu, Kenya


  1. Trusound Entertainment

This is a professional event management and multimedia entertainment company. Trusound offers many services including video and photo production

Phone number: 0722524692

Email: [email protected]


Location: Kisumu

[email protected]


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