Top 10 Best Sub-Woofer Speaker Brands In Kenya

Shopping for a woofer speaker can be very tedious especially if you do not know the best brand or specification of the best brands. A number of brands and companies have heavily invested in making quality woofer speakers. When looking for a woofer speaker, it is important to consider factors such as sound density, size and additional services such as Bluetooth and the ability to connect with multiple devices. Small woofer speakers tend to have low base while bigger woofer speakers produce quality sound. So, which are the best woofer speaker brands in Kenya?

Best Sub-Woofers To buy in Kenya

  1. Sony Audio System


Sony Sony Shake -X70
Sony Shake -X70 Audio System

Sony is a top company when it comes to woofers and home theatre products. The company produces some of the best woofers you can ever find on the Kenyan market. Sony high-power audio system comes with Bluetooth, microphone ports, DJ effect, DVD slots and even HDMI input for simple connection.

One of their best Woofer and audio system is the Sony Shake -X70 audio system that comes with powerful bass from the Sound Pressure Horn. This creates an authentic club-style atmosphere with DJ effects and multicolored LEDs. However, the Sony X70 will cost you not less than Ksh.146,000 to acquire it.

  1. Von Hotpoint Audio System

Von Hotpoint has always been on a mission to bring stylish,‎ intelligent appliances into your home.‎ With a history of trusted innovation,‎ they have real insight into the demands of modern life.‎ Their speakers not only look great but also make life easier by delivering outstanding results. Hotpoint woofer speakers come with a well-engineered sound system to ensure that you get the best sound quality. This is just the complete sound system. Every tune, every bass, every pitch. Hear it all courtesy of the sub-woofer and tweeter speakers.‎ Hotpoint speakers and woofers come in a wide range of sizes.

  1. Sayona Woofer Speakers

Sayona is another top-rated multichannel SubWoofer brand that promises to serve you well. The company has consistently manufactured quality audio devices that meet the market demand. The Sayona top bass home theater subwoofer system with 17000W brings your living room to life with its stylish sub-woofer. This sound system is designed for extreme entertainment lovers to enjoy their amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before. Entertain your friends and family with this amazing sound system. Among its Keny features include;

  • Remote
  • 17000W
  • LED Display
  • Compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA
  • Aux/Digital FM ready
  • USB Support
  • Bluetooth
  • Equalizer functionality
Sayona Audio System
  1. Tagwood Subwoofer

Tagwood Audio system bring s real entertainment to your home. Their latest Subwoofers comes with unique digital signal processing features that produces consistently clear, full sound at any volume. So you’ll enjoy your favourite music, videos and streaming content even more than before. The TAGWOOD LS-521B comes with Multimedia Speaker Bluetooth System ensuring you enjoy performance that’s significantly better and smoother.


Key features of the  TAGWOOD LS-521B Subwoofer include;

  • MP3
  • Aux In
  • USB Disk
  • FM Radio
  • Master Volume
  • AC/DC Dual Power Supply
  • USB/SD Card
  • Bass  Control
  • Bluetooth Function
  • PM.PO 8800W
  • Remote Control
  1. Haier

Haier Electronics is one of the world’s top-selling electronic companies, brings the unexpected to life. By making chores easier and life more livable, we bring the spirit of the weekend into every day. The latest Haier H8001 Pro 2.1CH Speaker System sound system is designed for the extreme entertainment lovers to enjoy their amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before, you will love your movie soundtrack and your favourite music playing on this Multimedia Speaker System. The H8001 Pro 2.1CH Speaker System 120W-Black+Free Mic surpasses all expectations for sound quality in a small package. The Haier Speaker system has a wide range of connectivity options from USB/SD Card, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Aux options. This gives you a range of options to work with while you dance to the beat.

This audio system comes at an average cost of Ksh.8,000 on the local market.


  1. Vitron Woofer Speakers and Audio System

Another key player in audio systems when it comes to woofer speakers is Vitron. The Vitron range of electronic products are durable while at the same time giving you quality service never seen before. For instance, the Vitron V636 3.1 is a multimedia BT Speaker system that comes with an abundance of connectivity options and features; it accepts 3.5mm inputs, RCA via cable, SD card, USB thumb drive support, and a built-in FM radio receiver with memory to store your favourite stations. vitron subwoofer

The key features of this sound system include

  • USB Disk, SD CARD
  • Digital Radio
  • LED Display
  • AC and DC Function
  • Remote Control

Depending with your need, you can get Vitrom Woofers and music system at a cost of between Ksh. 5,000 to Ksh.15,000.

  1. Royal Sound

Royal sound is a Key player when it comes to electronic appliances more especially sound systems. Their sub-woofer gives you the best quality sound in a neat, compact unit. It can be easily arranged to match your living room design and give it a classy look at the same time It brings your living room to life with this stylish sub-woofer from ROYALSOUND. Their sound systems are designed for the extreme entertainment lovers to enjoy their amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before.  At a budget of between Ksh.2500 to Ksh. 13,000, you can Acquire a set of Royal sound audio system like sub-woofers, speakers and even home theatre systems.

  1. Ampex

Ampex is another top brand of subwoofers and audio system brands in Kenya. The key features that comes with Ampex audio systems include;

  • Amazing Sound
  • Super Bass surround
  • Hightech Multimedia
  • Aux/FM ready
  • USB Support
  • Bluetooth


For instance, Ampex – 3.1 Channel SUBWOOFER – , is a brand from Ampex with an amazing sound,bluetooth,Usb,FM, and super bass surround. It works as expected with a nice clarity and a thumping bass. Comprised of exclusive technologies to deliver an epic performance, It has an acoustically perfected design – making it ideal for high-performance home audio configurations. The price market of Ampecx audio systems range between ksh. 4,000, to Ksh. 15,000

  1. JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer

The JTC band of sub woofers and home theatres promises to give you quality sound services you have never seen before. Their audio systems are perfectly crafted to lost loners and give you the exact audio experience for all your music and sound needs. Key features that comes with most JTC brand of Audio systems such as Sub woofers and home theatre system include;

  • Amazing Sound
  • Super Bass surround
  • Hightech Multimedia-12,000 Watts

jtc subwoofer

You will get JTC Home Theatre Sub Woofer on the local market at an average cost of ksh.8000

  1. Amtec Sub Woofer Hometheatre

Amtech is another brand of Subwoofers and hometheatre  known for their quality products. AMTEC  – 2.1 Channel SUBWOOFER -3000W, is a brand from AMTEC with an amazing sound,Bluetooth,USB,FM, and super bass surround. Key features that come with Amtech range of sub woofers and hometheatre incled;

  • Amazing Sound
  • Super Bass surround
  • High-tech Multimedia
  • Aux/FM ready
  • USB Support
  • 3000W PMPO
  • Bluetooth


You will get Amtech audio products on the Kenyan market at a price range of between Ksh. 3,300 and Ksh. 8,000 Read>>>>>Top 11 Most Used Mobile Phone Brands In Kenya

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