Top 11 Most Used Mobile Phone Brands In Kenya

Kenya is among the leading countries in Africa in terms of Mobile phone penetration. On average it is estimated that an average Kenyan owns one or two handset mobile phone or a smartphone. It is also estimated that an average Kenyan with a mobile phone has 3 sim cards.
So which are the most common mobile phone brands or smartphone brands are you likely to find most Kenyans with? Am sure you can’t walk a distance of 200M on a busy road without meeting a Kenyan holding a Techno, Infinix or Itel phone in their hands.
On the top list are phones that comes in variety of ranges thus affordable by may in various financial brackets, for instance Tecno is the most common phone brand used in Kenya since the company has both low end, mid end and high end smartphones making them a go for brand by most Kenyans across all financial levels.

Below is a list of the most popular or common phones used in Kenya.

  1. Tecno
  2. Itel
  3. Infinx
  4. Samsung
  5. X-tigi
  6. Realme
  7. Wiko
  8. Oppo
  9. Xiaomi
  10. Nokia
Review of the Most Used Phone Brands In Kenya
  1. Tecno

As stated early, tecno phones came in different sizes and posses various features depending on the category the phone falls in. While there are a number of high end Tecno smartphones in Kenya, The market is dominated by the mid range and low end tecno phones. This makes the tecno brand more affordable by any individual depending on their financial class or category.

  1. Itel

The Kenyan market is also dominated by the Itel brand of phones. The brand has one of the largest number of low end phones on the market . Itel has also go good share of smartphone market on the mid range type of smartphones. However, the brand is yet to attract the Kenyan market with their high end smartphones.

  1. Infinx

By fir infinix has been one of the most dominant smartphones on the Kenyan market. While tecno and Itel phone brands take the top spots due to their low and mid range phones , Infinix has been for long dominant brand when it comes to mid and high end smartphones in the country.
Just like Tecno most Infinix smartphones comes with great features while maintaining the price low. This has made Infinix one of the most preferred smartphone brands in the country.

  1. Samsung

Who can push Samsung of the top list of the most used phones in Kenya? Samsung is regarded as the most trusted smartphone brand in Kenya. Samsung smartphones tend to be durable while at the same time offering quality. The Samsung brand has however failed to take the top sport due to price. While their quality is unmatched, it will cost you an arm and a leg to acquire a high-end Samsung smartphone.
Kenyan market seems to be more attractive for the Samsung mid-range and high-end smartphones as opposed to the low-end phones of the brand.
Samsung A22

  1. X-tigi

Another common phone brand you are likely to find with most Kenyans is the X-tigi brand of phones. Just like Itel, X-tigi seems to be only attractive to the Kenyan phone market for their low end and mid end smartphones.
X-tigi phones have highly attracted the Kenyan market due to their affordability. However, if you are looking for quality, you may consider looking for an alternative. It is expected that the phone maker will in due time manufacture more quality phones and gain a more bigger market share of the mid and high end smartphones in the near future.

  1. Realme

Realme is one of the latest and new entrants in the Kenyan market. However, the Realme brand has shocked many by overtaking some of the dominant brands on the Kenyan market. Realme brand of smartphones are reliable providing a good and intuitive android operating interface, Large display screen, more storage speed, long lasting battery while at the same time allowing for multitasking or long usage without the gadget overheating. Bust most importantly, their smartphones are affordable to the common mwananchi.
It is no secret that Realme will overtake some of the big names on the list in the coming years.

  1. Oppo

Oppo is one of the best smartphone brands you can find on the Kenyan market. The smartphone makers have always ensured they give you quality that you will hardly find anywhere. Most of the Oppo smartphones run on Snapdragon processor making the gadget able to multitask for long without issues of overheating.
Most of the Oppo smartphones will offer you that supersonic charging speed and will stay on for long without the need to recharge.  The quality of the oppo smartphones makes the brand to stand out as one of the best smartphone brands in Kenya.

  1. Xiaomi

If I have ever had a hard time, is comparing Oppo brand of smartphones with Xiaomi better known us Redmi. The two are just like twins who will always give neighbors hard time in telling who is who. Currently am using a Xiaomi Note 10 brand of smartphone that runs on the snapdragon chipset and I tell you I love the gadget.
Just like Oppo, the supersonic speed at which this 33 Watts Fast battery charging serves me is beyond explanation. The gadget does not take long before it is full and for sure the battery will always serve you for long while making sure you are ever online or doing your staff longer than you can expect with other smartphones.
One big reason why this high-end gadget is not common is because of the prices that most Kenyans find hard to afford.

  1. Nokia

Nokia was a dominant phone maker and a pioneer in the handset industry. However, its dominance stuck in the low range phones that almost everybody used to awn in the early 2000. With the transition to android shaping the world, Nokia was hesitant to jump on the android trend leaving it way back.
The companies effort to adapt the Microsoft operating system was a total failure and now but slowly Nokia the ones giant mobile handset maker is now gaining traction around the world with their android smartphones. The slow adaptation pace by Nokia not saw it loose the market in Kenya but also across the world.

  1. Neon

Neon range of smartphone has gained a fair share of the Kenyan market thanks to Safaricom. This low and mid range smartphones in partnership with Safaricom have given many a chance to own a smartphone at a cheaper and more affordable prices.
The Neon brand of smartphones comes in varieties namely, Neon, Kika, Neon Nova and Neon Ray.

  1. Wiko

Although not so much common, Wiko is another low and mid range phone brand that is used in the country. Wiko phones are affordable and can be found in almost all mobile phone shops across the country.

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