This is Akothee’s Advise To Mothers On Parenting

In a long post, the controversial Misician Akothee has send out a shot on women who complain on raising their children, Akothee advises women to provide for their families and avoid over depending on men for provision. She sites that most housewives married to rich men, are empty and living a miserable life ,even though they can afford to buy everything in this world.
“Yes as a mother you have to provide for the family, whether your husband is working or not. Don’t tell me about marrying a rich man ,that’s not shortcut to life ,most housewives married to rich men, are empty and living a miserable life ,even though they can afford to buy everything in this world” She stated.

Photo of Akothee and her girls. Image Credit: Instagram

According to Akothee, once a man can control you financially, he will control every single move you make, he owns your freedom and emotions. He captures your brain and before you know it ,you slowly succumb to dependency and lose your own self-esteem, Focus ,& your own thinking capability. She further states that most rich men will tell you how stupid you are for not being able to make your own money and be independent.
For these Akothee advises ladies to go to school, study, study, work and manifest their gifts. Akothee sites that most men are cunning and warns ladies against dating and marrying married men. She says that she came from a polygamous family and the pain she went through was unbearable. It’s for that reason that Akothee says she parades any many who comes into her life so that the public can identify if they have love triangles.
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“Never touch anyones husband, I come from a polygamous family, but trust me, its not peaceful. I can’t imagine myself receiving insults from morning to evening, my heart skipping from day & night. I am not sure what is happening in the world, but most men nowadays hide their marital Status, until they box you ,once you are falling in love , now their wives introduce themselves to you , please introduce the men coming into your lives ,so I parade them here ,just in case they have love triangles”She wrote on her Instagram page.
The Singer is known for laying bare what is in her heart and she says as she see it. On frequent videos that she posts online, Akothee has been tackling all manner of issues. Her love life has also been hit with controversies with the then her manager who was reported to be warming her bed going missing from her life.
Just some few weeks ago, Akothee introduced her new manager to the public.

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