How Much Exactly Has Omosh of Tahidi High Received From Well Wishers so Far? Find Out

Kenyans have once again proven that when they decide to throw their support towards their fellow countryman, they do it wholeheartedly. This is following the overwhelming support they showed towards Joseph Kinuthia Kamau alias Omosh when his story of a struggling life was highlighted in the media.
Kenyans from all corners joined hands and little by little send their support to Omosh.
While very little information is in the public domain as on how much Omosh received,there are notable personalities and companies that came up publicly and announced the amount they gave towards the support of the actor.
However, much of the money send by Kenyans was not announced and Omosh is yet to make a public statement on how much exactly he has so far received.
It should be noted that, apart from the liquid money, Omosh has received goodies and valuables from Kenyans ranging from land, personal wears, shopping, vouchers and the list is endless.
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So, how much exactly has Omosh received? The truth of the matter is that, the amount of money send to Omosh through his personal number and the Paybill number runs into millions. Maybe 3 or 5 million or perhaps much more than that. To answer that question, here is a list of what was captured.
Number One: Zero Hero Properties Limited gave Omosh an early Valentine’s gift of a 40 by 80 parcel of land with ready title deed. The land is valued at Ksh.500,000.
Number Two: Jalango revealed on his Jalango TV YouTube show that he managed to mobilize his fans and within one hour he had raised over Ksh.1,000,000 towards  helping Omosh start over again
Number Three: Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho send his contribution of Ksh.100,000 towards Omosh contribution.
Number Four: Omosh confirmed having received overwhelming support from gospel Artist Guardian Angel and his wife in both monetary value and material support
Number Five: One aspiring Trans Nzoia Senatorial candidate send Omosh ksh.100,000
Number Six: Jamuhuri Express send Omosh Khs. 50,000
Number Seven: Tropical Tours send Omosh Ksh.50,000
Number Eight: Wachira Ksh.50,000
Number Nine: Nur ksh.60,000 with shopping
Dashan Chandaria was also to send his contribution, however we cannot confirm the amount he send and if indeed he send.
The list is endless, besides the cash send, by early this week many individuals had send their pledges.
From as little as Ksh.100, it was evident that Omosh received a lot of support from Kenyans.
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