These Are the Friday Morning Hilarious Trends In Kenya

It is a beautiful Friday morning and we have woken up to our normal daily activities as we usher in the weekend come tomorrow. So, what’s on the Kenyan social media walls that Kenyans are talking about? Here are some of the Memes and photos going round the social media in our Friday morning hilarious trends.

Our good friend Dr. King’ori has just met his look alike, But he swears to sue anybody who will ever tag him again in such an image. Hehe!! King’ori you cannot run away from this.

A moment of silence please!!!

I hope you have answered the question

expired Rice
The Expired rice packed in 25kg bags was branded “Orient Thai”

When expired rice is repackaged and sold to Kenyans. Who is killing us?

When our leaders decided to gather around the ‘table’ for a Kagwe ‘special one’. try and ‘Mirror’ What s going on here.

Someone has just done injustice to our sweet Swahili language. ICC should intervene
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