Teacher Unions Demands Promotion

Concerns have been raised by teachers unions regarding the recent exclusion of certain grades, notably Grade D4, from promotion interviews.

Both the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have expressed dismay over the denial of opportunities for advancement to teachers in Grade D4, despite them having fulfilled the requisite time requirements to progress to the next level.

This omission has resulted in an administrative gap and deprived Grade D4 teachers of the chance to advance, potentially causing stagnation in lower grades.

The story underscores the challenges faced by educators in their pursuit of professional growth and the impact of administrative decisions on teacher morale and productivity.

The teachers’ unions are currently advocating for accountability and transparency in the promotion process.

They have launched initiatives to gather data, aiming to address the grievances of teachers who believe they have been unfairly overlooked for promotions.

Akelo Misori, the Secretary General of KUPPET, emphasized the hurdles encountered by teachers as they pursue professional advancement and acknowledgment within the system.

Misori stated, “The accounts of these teachers highlight the frustration and discouragement that numerous educators are grappling with as they endeavor for professional development and acknowledgment within the system.”

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