Latest Available Promotion Posts For P1 Teachers

P1 teachers have been urged to seize the promotional opportunities announced by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) before the deadline. TSC has publicized 6,000 promotion slots, aiming to deploy practicing PTE teachers to junior schools.

The Commission has invited primary school teachers holding degrees in secondary education to submit their applications online by March 18, 2024.

TSC intends to deploy the third batch of eligible PTE teachers to junior schools, commencing in May 2024.

Upon verification of their documents by the Sub-County Directors, these teachers will be promptly assigned to schools.

Subsequently, the Commission will thoroughly review the documents of successful candidates at its headquarters to ensure that only qualified teachers with valid credentials are appointed.

In January, TSC acknowledged a significant shortage of teachers in junior secondary schools. Chief Executive Nancy Macharia stated that these schools are in need of 99,045 teachers, while the current count stands at 56,928.

TSC intends to promote PTE teachers by assigning them to serve in the junior secondary school section at the beginning of the next term.

The Commission has called upon qualified teachers to apply for deployment by March 18th.

Primary school teachers interested in being deployed to JSS must meet the following criteria:

i) Hold an active registration as a teacher with the Teachers Service Commission.

ii) Be employed as a primary school teacher by the Teachers Service Commission.

iii) Should not be currently serving an interdiction or undergoing a disciplinary process.

iv) Have a minimum of a Diploma in Education with a minimum of C+ at KCSE (or it’s equivalent) with C+ in two teaching subjects currently being offered in the school curriculum (either under 8-4-4 or CBC) or two (2) principles and one (1) subsidiary pass at “A” Level.

At least 8 units in each of the two teaching subjects.

Those with a minimum of C (plain) at KCSE (or its equivalent) and have undertaken a Diploma in Education together with a Bachelor Degree in Education qualify.

v) The degree certificate must be Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option) holders are not eligible.

Candidates are expected to present the following documents during verification exercise:
i) Original and copy of the degree/diploma certificate;

ii) Original and copies of the academic transcripts;

iii) Original and copy of SNE qualification (where applicable);

iv) Original and copy of the KCSE certificate (or its equivalent);

v) A copy of the current payslip;

vi) A declaration by the Head of Institution that the teacher is currently serving in the school and is neither serving an interdiction nor undergoing a disciplinary process.

Both the first and second cohorts of P1 teachers have already been deployed. After their documents were verified by their Sub-county Directors, these teachers received deployment (posting) letters for the junior secondary sector.

They were assigned to commence teaching Grade 7 and 8 students as part of the junior secondary school section. However, many of the deployed teachers experienced delays before beginning to receive their new salaries.

In a circular dated February 17, 2023, TSC announced that it had received a total of 10,833 requests from qualified primary school teachers for deployment to Junior Secondary Schools.

To expedite payment for the deployed teachers, TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia issued clear directives to Sub-county Directors and Primary Headteachers regarding the release and reception of the teachers.

“Immediately the teachers are deployed to JSS, the County Directors shall initiate posting on the Posting, Entry/ Exit Reports Module to the Sub-County. The Sub-County Director shall post the teachers to JSS,” said Macharia in the circular.

She directed Heads of Institution (HOI) releasing the teachers to promptly complete Exit Reports to facilitate the submission of Entry Reports by the receiving Head of Institution.

All these procedures, she emphasized, must be carried out online through the Posting, Entry/Exit Reports Module as the Commission no longer accepts or processes hard copy documents.

“In cases where the teacher remains at the same school, the Head of Institution will exit the teacher from the primary school and submit an Entry Report for the JSS,” Macharia explained.

The Commission faces mounting pressure to deploy additional teachers to junior secondary schools to alleviate the severe teacher shortage currently being experienced.

The majority of the deployed teachers belong to job group C1, while others are in job groups C3 and C4.

Salary for a deployed C2 teacher
Basic salary 34,955
House allowance (other areas) 7,500
Hardship 10,900
Commuter 5,000
Leave (paid only in January) 6,000

Those who are deployed with degree certificates will be assigned to job group C2, where they will serve for a duration of three years before being automatically promoted to job group C3.

The Commission instructed Sub County Directors to guarantee that the teachers are assigned to their current stations or those in close proximity.

TSC specified that teachers with Special Need Education (SNE) qualifications should be assigned to Special junior secondary schools.

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