Size 8 Narrates Her Near To Death Ordeal While Giving Birth

Size 8 near to death pregnancy
Photo of Size 8 holding her baby. Photo Courtesy | Instagram

We all know the challenges women go through during pregnancy period and child birth. Well, Linnet Size 8 knows that too well as her pregnancy and giving birth was a near to death ordeal.

On Sunday, July 19, 2020, Size 8 shared how giving birth to her last born son Muraya Junior was a near to death experience.

On her Instagram handle, size 8 was grateful to God that both her and her son were alive.

“My son @muraya.jnr and I could have died but God did through His son Jesus. Am greatful just for that!!! Thank you Jesus!!” Size 8 wrote.

She later went on to share a piece of advice with her followers. She urged everyone to be careful before complaining as being alive alone is worth being grateful.

“Allow me to share this with you!! Before you open your mouth to complain to God be careful to remember that even being alive is something to be greatful for.” She wrote.

In her weekly show Dine with Muraya’s that airs on NTV every Monday , Size 8 revealed that she battled with high blood pressure during her pregnancy. This she says put her life and the life of the unborn baby she was carrying on line.

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