Shock as sex addict dies after taking a cocktail of sex enhancement drugs

A sex addict from Thailand died after one too many s*x enhancement drugs . The man identified by the name Khun Thep aged 44, is reported to have taken a cocktail of drugs among them Viagra, and applying erection cream on his manhood to help him ‘ rise to the occasion’
However, his moment of relaxation and enjoyment turned tragic after he collapsed on Sunday November 8th while in a hotel suite during a monthly sex party with friends in Samut Prakan province, in Thailand.
According to police report, Thep, a taxi driver, had taken a woman to his room, but he emerged an hour later to inform his friends that he was feeling ‘unusually tired,’
He would later be found unresponsive in his room while a half naked .

sex addict
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Police said the 44-year-old suffered a heart attack after having “energetic” s*x and consuming a cocktail of alcohol and drugs.
According to his friend who happens to know Thep, Thep was a frequent party goer and he slept on the couch while they partied.
“We celebrate like this every month. He came to our suite and just slept on the couch while we partied – we thought he was just tired,” the friend said.
On coming back he said he tried to wake him up but he was not responding. Its after this that he informed his friends and they called the police.
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Police spokesman Namasphong Madha said: ”There was nothing suspicious about the death at the hotel.
The police also confirmed that a “Marathon Rub” cream had also been applied to his manhood.
Cases of more men dying while trying to use enhancement drugs have been on the rise across the world with elderly people being at a higher risk of suffering from heart attack associated with using the drugs.
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