10 Quotes From Chris Kirubi That Got Kenyans Talking

When Entrepreneur Chris Kirubi appeared on Churchill Show Journey Edition over the weekend,  many were carried away by his lifestyle and the impact that the billionaire has had on the youths and the country at large.
However, it was his advice and sayings that got Kenyans talking for the better part of Monday.
Here are some of the memorable sentiments quoted from Dr. Chris Kirubi
Quote 1: You can have quality medicine, have the doctors but without God, all is nothing
Quote 2: If you are lucky, God will bless you with a good woman. If unlucky you will find yourself in jail
Quote 3: I drive my Bentley because if my driver drives this car he would go away and I would never find him.
Quote 4: If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women, who are like they first went to the army then came back to get married
Quote 5: Marriage is enslavement, you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to a jail and not to just get there to test it and get out. It is a permanent affair you are jailed for life
Quote 6: I make money but money is not everything. What matters is how many jobs we create, How many sponsorship we give and how many people I support. Growing up I was very focused and I got promoted at a very young age that’s how I became whom I am.
Quote 7: Work hard and don’t take bribes. I do not trade with the government. There is a lot of business outside the government.
Quote 8: I grew up poor so I learnt how to save money. I did not inherit any wealth, my parents died when I was very young.
Quote 9: I still have a lot to work for. When I  achieve something, I forget about it and move on the next
Quote 10: Work hard , learn how to save and don’t waste money
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Quotes from Chris Kirubi
Dr Chris Kirubi at his parking yard with Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill during Churchill Show recording Journey Series

Kirubi who’s the founding father of Capital FM had in a previous interview revealed how doctors ‘by accident’ found he had  cancer.
“They took my blood and rapidly ran checks only to return and inform me that they have to rush me to the hospital.” He stated
He was later taken aboard for specialist treatment.
Kirubi’s daughter Mary-Anne Musangi, works as the Managing Director of his company – Haco Industries while his son, Robert Kirubi works in Europe.
“My son is in Brussels and he works for DHL. I think they pay him so much money, he refused to work for me but it’s good he has also accumulated a lot of experience,” he said.
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