Ruto Responds To ODM Over Misappropriation Of Covid-19 Funds

  • Deputy President William Ruto tells  ODM to avoid making themselves saints over  KEMSA scandal
  • Ruto accuse ODM of making wrong use of the handshake.

The deputy president William Ruto has decided to break his silence on claims from ODM leadership on the misuse of the COVID-19 finds. Ruto stated that the ODM leadership is looking for a way of cleaning their names from the KEMSA graft, yet they were involved.
The statement from the ODM party secretary-general Edwin Sifuna on Saturday 22nd August 2020 noted that as the DP, Ruto should come out and help the president fight against the looting within the government. Sifuna, in his statement, claims that Ruto should speak one voice with the government.
Despite the graft allegations hitting the headlines in the country, Ruto noted that the statement made by the ODM party is a defensive tactic to deter the government from dealing with the corrupt culprits involved in the KEMSA graft. He also accused the so-called handshake, which is being used to prevent the ODM from graft dealings.
“The pretentious (former) opposition now turned Lords of corruption, attempted defense of COVID-19 grants larceny is NOT shocking. It confirms the worst of Kenyan’s fear that their side of the handshake was never interested in the people’s good. But the opportunity to loot. What a shame!” Ruto said.

Deputy president william Ruto
Photo of Deputy President William Ruto During a prayer service at his home | [PHOTO COURTESY]
The statement comes barely a week after William Ruto cleansed himself for not involving in the KEMSA graft. KEMSA has been in the spotlight due to the crocked allocation of tenders to close relatives of some well-known individuals.
Ironically, the ODM secretary, Edwin sifuna said that Ruto’s statement indicates that it’s good for the money to be looted as long as he is not involved.
“It is disheartening to hear no less senior official than the DP go public with the juvenile and improper statement that at least now nobody will blame me for stealing Covid-19 funds,” Sifuna said
Sifuna claims that the KEMSA report was to be audited before released to the public and that Ruto is jealousy of being left out of the gravy train.
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