Raila Changes the Game on Counties Revenue shares.

  • The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga made a turn around his position on revenue share.
  • Raila Odinga calls for Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) to come with an all-inclusive formula.
  • The commission to allocate funds basing on the economic strength.

The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga finally turns around his position on the revenue sharing method. He claims that he was not aware that the CRA report was in favor of few counties. While, speaking to NTV he said that no county should be on the losing side.
Previous statement of the former  Raila Odinga has brought a lot of controversies among his supporters. According to the report, some of the counties that supported him were going to lose. He said that the Senate should look for a formula that favors not only some counties but all.
“I have just come from Dubai, and I did not know that the meeting of the parliament had changed the CRA report and that the Senate should not base their argument on the winner and a looser. It should be a win-win for all. No one should lose.” He said.
According to the former PM, it is better to use the existing formula to distribute funds to the counties.  However, the formula should wait until more funds are allocated after the fail of the meeting between Raila and a section of Jubilee leaders in Kajiado at Francis Atwoli’s home.
The former prime minister added that matter was brought out of proportion and that more resources need to be allocated before the implementation of the formula. All this happened as the political temperature is on the rise in the country.
Besides, Raila Odinga said that no county is going to lose, and the counties will get the same amount of money they got the previous financial year.
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“The other counties are arguing that they don’t have land, but they have livestock and are pastorals. This pastoral communities should be considered as part of agriculture. The counties on the coast have the blue economy also need. The counties in the western province Nyanza part do fishing in the Lake Victoria.” He added
He also urged the commission to go back to the drawing board and allocate the funds. This was to be done according to the economic strength of the various regions in the country. He said that economic activities within different countries are differentiated, and there is no need to have winners and losers.
The COG Wycliffe Oparanya lamented that the stalemate at the senate is hampering smooth operations of the counties. He said that counties do not have funds and therefore most counties will not be in a position to pay salaries.
Already workers in various have threatened to go on strike following delayed payment.

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