Private School Owners Turn Classes into Business Premises

  • Private schools at risk of closure
  • Schools turned to a business premise
  • Kenya private schools association tries to fight for caution for private school

Private schools remain stranded over the closure of schools in action to compact COVID-19. It comes after the Cabinet Secretary of Education Professor George Magoha ordered the closure from March 15th, 2020.
As a result, private school owners have to find a new way of earning a living as corona cases are on the rise. Most of the starved institutions are turning their premises into businesses that will keep them going.

Private school
A class teacher for Grade 1 pupils at Ganjoni Primary. School | Photo Courtesy

The director of Mwea Brethren Schools in Kirinyaga Pastor Maina has, in turn, converted the school classes into chicken business premises. He claims to have turned to agribusiness after the prolonged closure of schools. With this action, he is sure to provide for his family’s needs.
“The chicken are put in separate rooms differentiated by age. The room which used to be for class eight pupils has 266 chicken, and class six rooms have slightly less than those. We mostly have the broilers type,” he said.
He has placed various strategies that will make use of all the items that were inside the classrooms. The chalk board is for illustrating chicken feeds and vaccines for the poultry. More importantly, they indicate the feeding time of chicken on the board.
For instance, all the classrooms are now accommodating about 250 chicken or more. Making use of every item, the desks modified to make rooms for the chicken. He also plans to convert the dining hall which has the capacity to accommodate 500 pupils into a considerable chicken storehouse.
Besides, the director of Roka Preparatory School James Kung’u, turned the school premises into a farm to give support to the staff and school workers. He encouraged them to base their farming on horticultural crops.
With determination, they also do poultry farming. From the sales, they make not less than Ksh.2000 per day . In addition, he said that the effort  in place is a boost to financial life. His workers who have lost their job can afford to sustain their families.
On the positive side, Kenya Private Schools Association (KePSA) is trying to lobby with the government with the aim of cautioning private schools. They claim that the government should give support of grants to the private school. However, the discussion on the matter is on going, as most private schools face the threat of closure due to financial starvation.
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