Kenyans Can’t Get Enough Of Maria’s New Transformation

The first rising and popular Kenyan actress Maria whose real name is Yasmin Said has kept many following their favorite program Maria episode by episode. However it is her new transformation that has kept many talking.
Her transformation has kept Maria’s fans talking and it seems the fans can’t get enough of her new looks.
Maria who plays a young orphan girl from the ghetto has drastically transformed her looks and sense of fashion from shaggy and oversize clothings to classy and fitting clothes. In her latest appearance, Maria who plays a young girl without makeup is now rocking with state of the art make up from head to toe.
Her chemistry with Luwi who is known to have a high sense of fashion in classy designs makes fans feel the match between the two.

Yasmin Said
Yasmin Said Who plays Maria on the Citizen TV Maria Program | Photo Courtesy

Maria is a well- curated Kenyan love drama series that revolves around the life of Luwi, who is the last born son of a very wealthy family. Luwi falls in love with Maria, who is a gorgeous lady from the ghetto. After the death of her mother, Maria is transferred to move in with the affluent family by William, who is Luwi’s father. This becomes the start of Maria having to adjust to this new farfetched life she had never got a chance to experience before. Despite moving to a rich suburb and life, the ghetto in her has not moved an inch. She is still the same humble girl from back then.
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Maria was produced by the power news anchor couple; Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. The two are news anchors who co-host Nipashe Wikendi bulletin on Citizen TV.

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