Oscar Sudi- “When I was 23 years old, I was driving a Lexus”. But Kenyans Come Out To Question Where He Got Money at Such a Tender Age

Oscar Sugi was on Tuesday grilled by DCI officers over his alleged involvement in Ksh 150 million NHIF scandle that saw the money link to two high end cars bought under his name.
The allegations were heavily dismissed by Sudi and on Wednesday,Sudi took to social media to lament the unfair treatment.
In  his tweet, the Kapseret member of parliament claims that at 23 years of age he was driving a lexus. He also says that at 26 he was driving a range rover of which the one in question is his latest 4th range rover.
“When I was 23 years old, I was driving a Lexus. When I was 26 years old, I bought my first Range Rover. This is my 4th Range Rover since then. Mtoto wa maskini akipata ameiba lakini wa tajiri akipata ni ya baba yake na ni yao. Wakwende kabisa.” Sudi stated
However, Kenyans were quick to question his source of wealth considering his claims that he came from a humble background and with no record of wealth source from such tender age.
Here are some comments from Kenyans
At 23 in Kenya unless and otherwise you are a thief , You didn’t attend the 8-4-4 system or your father is a millionaire you can’t and mark You CAN’T be able to purchase a Lexus , This proves the fact that Hustlers are liars !!- Frank Mtetezi wrote
Without talent, inherritance or progressive career path, what are other known sources of income that a 23yr old can use to buy a 4m worth of a fairly used lexus? maybe he’s a businness genius like KIRUBI. Ama alivuna ngano terela like most kalenjin Moguls labda nikukamua maziwa – Bornventure M wrote
This raises more suspicions than clarity! Which chicken were you selling to be able to afford a Lexus at 23yrs if age?… –Prof 1one wrote
At 23 Yrs when did he finished High School plus College? Which Business was he owning at that tender age to give him huge profits to enable him buy a Lexus? Was he employed? if yes then what was his Net Pay to enable him get a loan for a luxury Car? – Sucrose Oloo asked
Mheshimiwa… You forgot to tell those looking up to you how you managed to own all that. It’s important. – Kiigen Koech commented
But why are you not telling your fellow hustlers how they can own rangerovers at 20s. Instead you are giving them mkokotenis- C Wangulu commented.
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Earlier probe into Sudi’s education background had revealed that the Kapseret Mp attended primary and secondary schools at the same time. This is according to parliament records that had been uploaded years back. According to the details, Oscar Sudi completed primary school curriculum in four years and not the required 8 years.
Sudi Education
The National assembly website which had uploaded the information would later pull down the data and upload a different profile for the Hon. MP. It was not clear whether the conflicting information as a result of an error.
The initial uploaded information had indicated that Sudi, Oscar Kipchumba’s education background on his membership profile indicated he attended Ngeria primary school between 2003 and 2006 where he attained the Certificate of Primary Education.
The same profile which was pulled down leaving the education background empty unlike for other legislators also showed Sudi attended Highway High School between 2003 and 2006 and got a KCSE certificate.
However, according to the latest profile, records indicate that the legislator pursued a diploma in Business management between 2007 and 2008 at the Kenya Institute of Management.
Sudi education background
In 2013 a section of voters took the legislator to court claiming Sudi had not attended any secondary school or sat for KCSE exams and that he had presented fake papers on Thursday, January, 31, 2013 for his election.
The controversy on how Sudi got his wealth has been a question in public domain for long.

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