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Kakamega County Covid-19 Funds Usage In Question


  • Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya Asked to provide a piece of detailed information on the use of COVID-19 funds
  • Lobby groups demand on the full disclosure of the grants and donations that the governor received

The use of 367 million COVID-19 funds by Kakamega County led by Governor Wycliffe Oparanya in form of grants and loans has raised questions question. A Lobby group under the civil society organization and some politicians are claiming for clear accountability.
The donations come from the government (262mllion) and the county government (105million), which the usage can not be accounted for. The fight for accountability over the use of the COVID-19 funds comes when KEMSA scandals on the corrupt deals are a matter of concern in the country.
The claims point out that Covid-19 funds were to be used for emergencies in the county and other health measures to stop the spread. The Community of Society wants Kakamega County Wycliffe Oparanya to account publicly on the expenditure.

Concerns over Kakamega counnt Covid-19 funds
Concerns have been raised over the usage of Covid-19 funds by Kakamega County | Photo Courtesy

On the other side, the politicians say that tenders are awarded to the family members and close relatives whose costs are exploitative to the residents.
Thomson Kate, the chairman of the Civil Society Organization, said that the county government has failed to publicize the use of the donated funds raising  more concerns.
“Despite the constitutional and legal responsibilities, we are concerned that Kakamega has approved a supplementary budget to provide emergency response to the pandemic. And without the participation of its citizens has failed to publish and make it known to the general public the itemized expenditure lines to be approved for the emergency funds,” Thomson noted in a statement.
In a statement made by the MCAs, they pointed out the millions received by the county government are unaccounted for. The need for full disclosure of the funds in a transparent way is paramount. They say that they are ready to petition the case before the senate to check on the misappropriation that is being done in the governor’s office.
On the other side, the members of parliament, Benjamin Washiali ( Mumias East MP), claim that the county government is giving tenders to closely related family members. However, instead of selling at an average price, they exploit the residents with an overcharged amount. Washiali also complained that the residents are not provided with the free face masks that the National government has received.

County’s Claims

While speaking at his office, Kakamega Deputy Governor Philip Kutima reveals that money totaling to 262 million is yet to be used by the county.
“Since COVID-19 is still here with us, we are planning to budget the money up to the end – year to avoid running out of money to fight the virus,” noted Kutima.
In his additional statement, Kutima said that the emergency relief fund that is in use is part of 105million received.
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