Nairobi MCAs Ordered to Surrender Firearms by Fred Matiang’i After Patricia Mutheu’s Assault.

  • The brutal treatment of the MCA of Mlango Kubwa at City Hall arose a lot of questions among Kenyans after which it Cabinet Secretary of Internal Security Dr.Fred Matiang’i condemned it.
  • Police are to provide other services to Kenyans, of which most of them are near the county assembly where there is a lot of drama.
  • So far officials of the county Assembly have disarmed 14 guns to the police.

MCA of Mlango Kubwa Patricia Mutheu found herself in hot soup after receiving harassment from the police within County Assembly. consequently, the cameras caught the officers brutalizing the female MCA, which raised a lot of questions to the public.
It remains unclear why the police treated Patricia Mutheu in such a brutal manner. On her part, she claims not to have provoked the officers to receive such cruel treatment.
The act of the four security officers arouses after publicly descending on the MCA with blows and kicks. As a result making her helpless with several injuries on her body.
The Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said that the matter would be taken before the committee of the National Security Advisory. For instance, to get the legitimate way of guarding the county assembly. The CS also warned the public against confronting the police officers by taking the law into their hands.
Fred Matiang’i refers to the area around the county assembly as a war zone where the so-called waheshimiwa keeps on fighting. He states that deployment of about 20 – 30% of the security officers around the county assembly.Therefore the CS said that they are sick of the members of the county assemblies act.
He added that the County Assembly has become an area of special interest in terms of security. And warned other county assemblies around the county against such acts.
“The level of criminality is high around the County Assembly. I have also directed the Inspector General and the Regional Security to disarm everyone around the county assembly.”
In conclusion, speaking at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiangi ordered the surrendering of all firearms from the county officials.  In addition, he reveals that at least 14 guns so far have been disarmed from the officers.

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