Moi University PhD Programs

Moi University, located in Kenya, is a distinguished institution renowned for its exceptional doctoral (PhD) programs. With a strong emphasis on research, academic excellence, and innovation, Moi University offers a wide range of PhD programs that provide individuals with the opportunity to pursue advanced studies, contribute to knowledge creation, and become experts in their respective fields.

Moi University’s PhD programs are designed for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability and a deep passion for research. These programs aim to develop independent thinkers, critical researchers, and scholarly practitioners who can make significant contributions to academia, industry, and society as a whole.

Covering various disciplines, including sciences, humanities, social sciences, business and economics, engineering, information technology, health sciences, agriculture, education, and law, Moi University’s PhD programs provide a comprehensive and specialized education. They equip students with advanced theoretical knowledge, research methodologies, and analytical skills necessary for conducting groundbreaking research and generating new knowledge in their fields of interest.

Moi University PhD Programs
  • PhD in Anthropology
  • PhD in History
  • PhD in Political Science & Public
  • PhD in Administration
  • PhD in Literature
  • PhD in Sociology
  • PhD in Religious Studies
  • PhD in Philosophy
  • PhD in Kiswahili
  • PhD in Geography
  • PhD in Linguistics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Ecology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Biology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Physiology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Plant PathologyDoctor of Philosophy in Plant Pathology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Genetics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pure Mathematics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
  • Ph.D in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
  • Ph.D in Economics
  • Ph.D Human Resource Development
  • Ph.D Entrepreneurship Studies
  • PhD in Educational Communication & Technology
  • PhD in Curriculum Studies
  • PhD in Language Education (English)
  • PhD in Social Education & Ethics
  • PhD in Educational Management
  • PhD in Educational Psychology
  • PhD in Energy Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Records and Archives Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Publishing
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Media
  • Ph.D Communication Studies
  • PhD in Medical Education
  • Ph. D in Hospitality Management
  • Ph. D in Tourism Management


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