List Of All Kabete National Polytechnic Courses

This article will highlight all courses offered by Kabete National Polytechnic. The college has various schools and department namely;


Department of Mechanical Engineering – Courses and the minimum entry requirements

Department of Computing and Informatics

Department of Mechanical Engineering – Courses and the minimum entry requirements

Department of Building and Civil Engineering – Programmes and their minimum entry requirements

Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning – Programmes and their minimum entry requirements

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – Programmes

Department of Applied Sciences – Programmes and requirements

Department of Health Sciences – Diploma courses in kabete national polytechnic  and Certificate courses in kabete national polytechnic

Department of Hospitality – Programmes and the needed qualifications

Department of consumer studies – Programmes and the needed grades

Department of Business Studies – Programmes and the needed grades

Department of Liberal Studies – Programmes (including certificate courses in Kabete national polytechnic liberal studies department and the needed grades)

Department of Mass Media Studies – Programmes and the needed grades

Kabete National Polytechnic Partners

The college is accredited to various local and international bodies. They include:

  2. KNEC
  3. Pharmacy and Poisons Board
  4. Kenya Medical Laboratories Technicians and Lab Technologists Board (KMLTTB)
  5. NITA (National Industrial Training Authority)
List Of All Kabete National Polytechnic Courses
Diploma Courses
  1. Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
  2. Diploma In Applied Biology
  3. Diploma In Catering And Accommodation
  4. Diploma In Food And Beverage
  5. Diploma In Food Science & Processing
  6. Diploma In Geophysical Technology
  7. Diploma in Health Records & IT
  8. Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
  9. Diploma In Medical Engineering
  10. Diploma In Nutrition And Dietetics
  11. Diploma In Oil & Gas Technology
  12. Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology
  13. Diploma in ECD (early childhood development)
  14. Diploma in hair & beauty
  15. Diploma in librarian & information studies
  16. Diploma In Social Work & Community development
  17. Diploma in Architecture
  18. Diploma In Electronics Engineering
  19. Diploma In Electrical Engineering (power)
  20. Diploma In Telecommunication Engineering
  21. Diploma In Architecture
  22. Diploma In Building
  23. Diploma In Building Technology
  24. Diploma In Civil Engineering
  25. Diploma In Land Survey
  26. Diploma In Quantity Survey
  27. Diploma Quantitative Survey
  28. Diploma In Automotive Engineering
  29. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (plant)
  30. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering
  31. Diploma In Banking & Finance
  32. Diploma In Business Administration
  33. Diploma In Business Management
  34. Diploma In Computerized Secretarial
  35. Diploma In Co-operative Management
  36. Diploma In Sale And Marketing
  37. Diploma In Supply Chain Management
  38. Diploma In Marketing
  39. Diploma In Human Resource
  40. Diploma In Project Management
  41. Diploma In Transport Management
  42. Diploma in ICT (Information Communication Technology)
  43. Diploma In Computer Studies
Certificate Courses
  1. Certificate In Business Management
  2. Certificate In Human Resource
  3. Certificate In Co-operative Management
  4. Certificate In Sale And Marketing
  5. Certificate In Supply Chain Management
  6. Certificate in computer Packages.
  7. Certificate in web design & development
  8. Certificate in mobile apps programming (PHP, C++, HTML).
  9. Certificate in computer repair, maintenance, support, and networking
  10. Certificate in computerized graphics design
  11. Certificate in automotive engineering
  12. Certificate In Mechanical Engineering
  13. Certificate In Refrigeration
  14. Certificate In Welding And Fabrication
  15. Certificate Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  16. Carpentry and joinery
  17. Certificate in AutoCAD and ArchiCAD
  18. Certificate in building technology
  19. Certificate in glazing and aluminum fitting
  20. Certificate In Masonry
  21. Certificate In Plumbing
  22. Artisan in electrical and electronics
  23. Certificate in electrical engineering
  24. Certificate in electrical installation power
  25. Certificate in solar PV installation
  26. Electrical wireman Grade 1
  27. Electrical Wireman Grade 2
  28. Electrical Wireman Grade 3
  29. Certificate In Catering And Accommodation
  30. Certificate In Food And Beverage
  31. Certificate In Food Science and Processing
  32. Certificate In Medical Laboratory
  33. Certificate In Nutrition And Dietetics
  34. Certificate In Oil And Gas Geophysical
  35. Certificate In Science Laboratory
  36. Certificate in early child development
  37. Certificate in hair and beauty
  38. Certificate in librarian and information studies
  39. Certificate in social work
  40. Artisan in hair and beauty

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