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Learn Swahili: Mazingira and Mazingara- Here is the big difference

Mazingira and Mazingara are two different Swahili words that have constantly been misunderstood and misused.
While the two are closely related in terms of pronunciations, the two Swahili words have different meanings and are not related at all.
Mazingira is a Swahili word that translates to Environment, surroundings or ambience in English. It also means the area in which something exists or lives
On the other hand Mazingara can be translated to Superstition in the English language.
Mazingira nm [ya-] environment; surroundings, ambience.
Mazingara nm [ ya-] superstition
Closely related to Mazingara is Mazingazi which translates to Magic tricks or wondor and Mazigazi which can be translated to optical illusions or mirage.
Mazingazi nm [ya-] magic tricks(s), wonder.
Mazigazi nm [ya-] optical illusion, mirage.
Mazingaombwe nm [ya-] juggling, magic tricks, magic sleight e.g. hand hypnotism.
On many occasions you will hear people using the Swahili word Mazingara to refer to environment. This is total wrong and one ought to be careful when using the two words as they all have different meanings.
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