Kenya Power to launch electric car charging points

As the number of electric cars continues to increase in the Kenyan market, power supplier company Kenya Power has unveiled plans to set up electric car charging points.
The plan is aimed at installing electric car charging points in various parts of the country but the power supplier says they will first launch in Nairobi. However, Kenya power did not give a timeline on when the project will be launched.
The government of Kenya aims to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in the country in the next five years with a goal to have 5% of all registered vehicles in Kenya being electric vehicles by 2025. Already, Nopia Ride, a taxi-hailing service that only uses electric cars, is scaling up operations in Kenya. The firm has so far installed charging stations in three locations; the Two Rivers Mall, the Hub Karen and Thika Road Mall.
To help encourage electric vehicles’ adoption, Kenya reduced excise duty imposed  on electric cars from 20% to 10%.
In August last year, KenGen also planned a similar rollout for electric car charging facilities.
The move comes at a time Kenya power is struggling following the massive switch by major companies to solar power.

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More companies are reported to have applied for the solar installation license with those that have already installed and started generating power selling the excess power to Kenya Power.
To remain competitive, Kenya power has also announced plans to install solar panels on private homes and sell the power at a subsidized cost to homes.

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