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Karatina University Undergraduate Programs

Karatina University offers a diverse range of undergraduate programs designed to provide students with a comprehensive education and prepare them for successful careers in various fields. Their undergraduate programs are carefully crafted to deliver a balance of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and real-world experiences. To pursue a bachelors degree at Karatina University, one must have attained a minimum mean grade C+ (Plus) and at least a C+ in any of the two related subjects.

At Karatina University, you will find undergraduate programs across a wide range of disciplines, including business and economics, computer science and information technology, health sciences, agriculture, environmental studies, social sciences, education, and many more. Students have the opportunity to explore their passions and choose a program that aligns with their interests and career goals.

Some of the degree programs at the university include; Bachelor of Science with Education, Bachelor of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition among others

Karatina University Undergraduate Programs
  1. Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition
  2. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Horticultural Science and Management
  5. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension Education
  6. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Resource Economics and Management
  7. Bachelor of Science in Forestry
  8. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies
  9. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources
  10. Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and Geo-informatics
  11. Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
  12. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT)
  13. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  14. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing
  15. Bachelor of Science
  16. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  17. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  18. Bachelor of Science with Education
  19. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  20. Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences
  21. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  22. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  23. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary Education)
  24. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education-Secondary Option)
  25. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education-Primary Option)
  26. Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Counselling)
  27. Bachelor of Arts History/Geography/Kiswahili/Religious Studies/Literature/ English/Linguistics
  28. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration
  29. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  30. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  31. Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
  32. Bachelor of Arts with Education
  33. Bachelor of Tourism Management
  34. Bachelor of Human Resources Management
  35. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management
  36. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  37. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  38. Bachelor of Economics
  39. Bachelor of Communication and Public Relations
  40. Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management


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