How young Kenyans are leveraging on technology to be own bosses

You will be shocked to find out how many young Kenyans are leaving their dream lives and earning big thanks to the technological advancement that comes with online jobs opportunities.
While many the dream of making money online, leveraging on tech to earn a living remains an elusive venture, many young people have taken upon themselves to explore the tech world and find the freedom of being their own bosses.
To be frank, the job market has completely changed over time and thanks to Covid-19, many have realized the great potential of being innovative and going Tech.
Currently you walk in a room and you will see one or two guys busy on their laptops when you inquire about their job,they tell you they are running a company that offers digital solutions.

How young Kenyans are leveraging on technology to be own bosses

So, how do they even begin?
All they tell you is that as long as you have a laptop and internet connectivity you are good to go. A recent report indicates that averagely over 200 companies are being registered daily in the country, Majority of people registering this companies are young people.
You would wonder why young people are registering companies day and night yet the issue of capital to start a business leave a lone a company is the biggest obstacle among young people.
Majority of them will tell you do not need huge capital to start a company. Setting up a website and getting your services online has been the key driver for most young people attaining their financial freedom.
Today, you do not to be a computer scientist or have some knowledge in cording to get started. All you need is an idea of what you can do online.
Whereas there are complex tasks that require skills and experience in a particular fields, there are a lot of opportunities for young people even those with form four knowledge as their highest level of education.
All one needs to delve in these digital worlds is to have an idea and you are good to go.
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Online opportunities young Kenyans can tap into

You are thinking of jumping into the online space and start earning money, here are some opportunities you can consider to get you started.

  1. Create a website for your business

Having a website is the key to tapping into the online market, with a website you can be able to navigate the digital world tap into the unlimited opportunities. If you have a business at a physical location, creating a website for your business can greatly help you increase your clientele base. You need a reliable web hosting partner to start off. Personally I have experience with Host Pinnacle and Kenya Web Experts. They are very affordable and reliable at the same time that i can recommend them to anyone who would wish to have a website. You also do not need to be an expert in web design to get stated. They have drag and drop templates that helps you built your website instantly

  1. Start an ecommerce website

How about you start an ecommerce website? With an ecommerce website, you do not necessarily need to own any product to sell online. Your ecommerce store can be a platform where businesses can sign up and get market for their products while you the website owner stand to earn a commission for each successfully purchase. Host pinnacle Kenya have a vast knowledge in helping you get started with a brand new website only at Sh.1500. The beauty is they can help you integrate your website with Mpesa all for free.

  1. Start a forum blog

Forum blogs are fast gaining momentum and they are a good way to make money. It all begins with identifying a particular niche or field then create a platform where people can post questions and get answers from the members of the forum group. The good think is that you do not need to scratch your head looking for members to sign up. As long as you have a platform where people can ask questions, anyone who finds the question on the internet can join in and offer their suggestion or answer. With time, you will have a long list of members.
So how do you benefit as the website owner? By virtue of being the admin of the website, your website will attract advertisers who would wish to get their products and services in front of your audience. At a fee, they can advertise on your platform as you smile all the way to the bank.
As your website gain more traffic over time, you will start making more money. You can start by making contacts with businesses and companies to offer them advertising space and with time, companies will be running to you for advertisement space on your forum blog. All you need is a good website from a reliable web hosting company.
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  1. Start a blog

Most people do not like blogging due to the low revenue associated with it, and if you ask me I will tell you plainly it is true. Blogging requires patience before you can cash in even a single dollar. If writing is your hobby, then go for blogging, with time your website will gain traffic that you can monetize and earn money.
The best way to monetize your blog is through Adsense however you will be disappointed by the low earning associated with this type of monetization, the good news is that if you have good traffic and already approved by Google Adsense you can apply for top level Ads management technologies such as Ezoic to maximize your ads revenue.
If you already have a blog in Kenya and you would wish to increase your revenue, Ezoic is the best option for you.  But you will need to have a minimum traffic of 10,000 pageviews per month and be in good standings with Adsense to be approved by Ezoic. Ezoic is a Google certified advertisement partner that helps publishers increase advertisement revenue to between 60%- 250% within three months.
Your blog can also be a great way to directly sell your services and products, you will also be able to partner with advertisers directly.
To start off, Host Pinnacle Kenya is one of the best and most affordable web hosting company you can use to register a domain name and get a yearly web hosting package all at ksh.1500.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

Perhaps writing is not your thing or you do not have the initial capital to set up your website, don’t worry, YouTube is a free video platform you can sign up and post your videos. You tubers in Kenya with good traffic are cashing in good money every month enough to pay your bills and make an extra coin as well. But just like the other forms of content monetization, making money through YouTube is not a walk in the park.
Your Channel will need to have minimum of 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of watch time for the last 30 days before you can be accepted into YouTube Partnership Program.
As your channel grows and becomes popular you will can as well talk to advertisers directly and get their adverts on your channel at a fee.

  1. Offer Your Skills Online

If you are an expert in any ICT field, its time you use your knowledge to earn. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork are great platforms for experts in fields such as graphic design, programming, animation and many others. You can start by creating an account on such platforms and offer your services to people and companies all over the world.
With Kenya being ranked among the top in Africa on technological advancement in ICT sector, find your way and tap into this field with limitless opportunities.

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