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How To Make Money With TikTok In Kenya

How to make money with TikTok in Kenya: TikTok is properbly one of the fast-growing social media platforms that is making many young people overnight millionaires in Kenya and around the world as well. This short video sharing platform can make you famous and with it comes a lot of goodies

How People Make Money With TikTok

Talking of making money with TikTok, how does it exactly happen and who will be paying you? One may wonder and properly you are asking yourself how does the cash come in by sharing funny videos or dancing videos on your TikTok account?
Unlike Google Adsense that allows bloggers to monetize their written content or YouTube that enables you earn more money when your video content receives more views, TikTok works is an absolutely different ways.
The journey of earning money on TikTok begins with an individual creating an account by signing up on the platform, from here you will be able to share your content with your friends, the more following you gain the better, because it is this following that will determine whether you are good for business or not.
With huge following, you will be able to attract business people and brands who will be willing to splash out some money to get a shoutout or mention on your account.  Your bargaining power with these brands and businesses will entirely depend on how big your channel is and the value you will be adding to their business.

There are various ways you can partner with businesses or brands and earn money. Some of the ways include;

Top 6 Ways To Make Money With TikTok
  • Brand partnerships – Through brand partnership, you reach people and brands. You will either see them approach you, or you can approach them. Here you will play the role of an  ‘Influencer’ in promoting their products, campaigns or services.
  • Personal promotions – This is a suitable method if you have your onw product or business you wish to promote. You can add to your videos promotions of the personal items you sell or services you offer.
  • TikTok Gifts – With this option, users who watch your videos can send you gifts as appreciation for your content. These gifts are redeemable as cash. You need to meet TikTok’s threshold to enable gifts. You’ll also need to have a PayPal account to withdraw gift coins as cash.
  • TikTok Live – Once you meet the threshold required to go live, users can gift you stuff when you’re live. You can thereafter redeem the gifts as cash through PayPal.
  • TikTok Creator Fund – this isn’t yet live in Kenya, but keep eyes on it if you’re a huge creator on the platform.
  • Other means – People are doing a lot other things to make money with TikTok. There are those who build significant followings only to thereafter sell these accounts for between KES 10,000 and KES 100,000.
Best Videos or Content For TikTok

TikTok allows you to upload any type of video content as long as it does not go against the moral of the society. There are various types of videos you can shoot or create and upload them on your TikTok account. Some of these content type include;

  1. Dancing Videos
  2. Short Drama Videos
  3. Interview Videos
  4. Tutorials
  5. Short Films and many more

Based on your interest and passion, you can decide on the niche that best suits you and work hard to grow your profile. Consistency and quality will help you grow an audience and a following over time.
Azzaid Nyasenya popularly referred to as the TikTok queen has been able to make a fortune and build a brand name thanks to TikTok. Internationally, Khaby Lame is well known to have taken to TikTok after losing his job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The lad eventully has become a global phenomenon through his short TikTok videos.

How Much Can You make from TikTok?

TikTok has no limit to the amount you can make. Great content and your online presence will determine your reach and your bargaining power as well. On average well established TikTok account can make you between KES 10,000 and KES 100,000 in a month.
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