Over 1Million Kenyans to Receive Ksh. 8,000 Each in Government Aid

Starting February 22nd , a number of Kenyans will start to receive Ks.8,000 funds set aside by the Kenyan government under the Cash Transfer Program.

A report seen by Daily Press confirms that the government has already released Ksh. 8,728,056,000 for payment of beneficiary enrolled under the program.

The money which was channeled through the Ministry of labour and Social Protection, is set to be paid out to over 1M beneficiaries countrywide.

In total, 293,688 beneficiaries enrolled in the Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program will receive a payout of 2.3 billion for the September –December payment Cycle.

Another group of 762,947 beneficiaries enrolled under the Older Persons cash Transfer Program will receive a sum total of Ksh. 6.1 billion.

Of these, 33,952 beneficiaries of the Persons with Severe Disability Cash Program will receive 271,6 million shillings.

Each of the beneficiary will Ksh.8,000 to cover for the September to December 2020 payment cycle.

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The funds comes as a boost to most of the vulnerable groups who had lamented going for months without receiving the funds from the government especially during these hard economic times.

As the funds are channeled to the beneficiaries accounts, cases of many vulnerable individuals missing out have been in the public domain. There are also cases where funds end up in the hands of caregivers who squander them leaving the intended beneficiaries with nothing.

Th government has however rooted out a campaign to ensure that all who fall under the vulnerable groups get the funds and those who are yet to be enrolled are enrolled in the program.

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Individuals with elderly and people who fall under the vulnerable groups have been urged to forward the names of such individuals to area assistant chiefs and chiefs for assistance.

Beneficiaries or caregivers can access the payment at any time over the next six (6) months.

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