Hivyo Ndio Kunaendanga hit maker Majirani quits music, turns to mjengo

Zappy Majirani the force behind the hit song ‘Hivyo Ndio Kunaendanda’ has revealed the struggles he is going through in life and his decision to quit music.
Back in the days when Majirani was introduced to the limelight with ‘Hivyo Ndio Kunaendanga’ hit he did with Kenrazzy, the Eldoret based artist became a household name.
Moving to Nairobi was one of the decisions he made to grow his career and indeed it worked out resulting in his rise in the Music career. However, the rise seems to have been short lived as the artist has come out to reveal his struggles.
Thinks seems to have headed south and after doing a few songs that failed to hit the airwaves as expected, Majirani resorted to construction work and stone breaking manual work to earn a living after his management gave up on him.

Zappy Majirani
File Photo of Musician Zappy Majirani. [Photo Source: Facebook]
“From bad to worse …i came to Nairobi hoping life will change after the management gave up , i had to get a house pay for it , struggled looking for a job last month my house got locked felt so ashamed i couldn’t post about one believes am struggling “ Majirani stated in a long Facebook post.
Majirani now says he is going back to his rural home to recollect himself. He however says he will release his last song dedicated to his fans before he heads home. This he says is to thank his loyal fans who stood with him even during hard times
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“I have therefore decided to quit , I will be releasing my last song at the end of this month…it will be a goodbye song and dedication to u guys who have been loyal to me , I never came to compete , I came to entertain then make money and help change my family’ s financial situation but that didn’t happen” Majirani stated.
To drive home the point that he was hanging the mic, Majirani says he was dropping his artist name.
“When we meet on the streets please call me Zappy or Tom not Majirani anymore I thank you” He concluded
Covid-19 has had a toll order on the music and artists industry and several artists among them comedians coming out to speak on their struggles.
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