Government To Offer Training To Boda boda Riders In Kenya

The Government has announced the launch of a national training programme for Boda Boda riders as part of measures to empower them.
ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru on Thursday said the programme is aimed at enhancing compliance with the traffic rules, road courtesy and impart Boda boda riders with basic first aid skills.
He revealed that the program will run for several month and each Boda boda rider under the program will pay Ksh.750 towards the training.
“By and large, one of the big question from Boda Boda riders is in regard to training and licensing,” Mucheru said during the meeting with leaders from the bodaboda sector.
He revealed that more that 90% of Kenyan Boda boda riders do not have licenses.
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Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Boda Boda Association of Kenya investment scheme, which will enhance their saving skills.
The president said the platform will enable the boda boda riders build “a nest egg by saving Sh50 per day.”
To start off, the scheme will begin by enrolling 100 Boda boda riders from each of the 47 counties and gradually expand to cover all the Boda boda riders in the country.
Kenya has an approximate of 1.4 million Boda boda riders who play a key role in transport sector and the economy of the country.
Nabo Capital will be tasked with managing the funds in the Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) for the boda boda riders, under the strict regulations of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).
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