Finding Love: Qualities to look for in a marriage partner

Love is a beautiful thing, and it should be simple to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. However, finding your soul-mate can be an incredibly long, hard and expensive process.

The institution of marriage remains to be one of the most adored institution. However, it all begins with dating and making the right choice of a partner you would wish to spend the rest of your life with. Whereas many would like to join it, ending up with the right marriage partner has always remained a mystery for many. To many marriage is the best thing to have ever happened to them while some still argue that marriage should be included in the 1000 ways to die.

No one wishes to end up with the wrong partner, but in reality many leave in regrets for having married wrong partners. They wish they had the ability to turn back the hands of time and correct the mistake they made, to see and realize what they now know about their partners only to realize that it is impossible. It is at this point after years of suffering and regrets that idea of divorce starts crossing their minds.

They say love is blind but only marriage opens it. So how do you get to determine the right partner before you can say I do? In as much as no one can claim to be a marriage experts that understands how the ideal marriage should be, there are fundamental factors you should consider before deciding who you will marry. Its better you end a relationship than end a marriage.

Here are 5 Qualities to look for in a marriage partner


On the top of the list is love, am sure at one point you might have been in a situation where you are in love with someone but sincerely, it was not because of who they are but because of what they have. If you are in such a situation, you need to rethink and ask yourself one question. What am I looking for in this relationship?

Relationships pegged on money and social status ends when the financial status and the social status changes. If you love, love someone because you have a natural point of connection that makes you feel the love and affection towards the person. Your natural love towards someone should surpass all other attributes.


In as much as you love your girlfriend or boyfriend, each and every one of you should have a purpose in life. A human being who has no purpose in life is as good as a dead one. Get to know your partner’s aspirations in life, dreams and ambitions, long and short term plans. Is your partner someone you can work with towards a certain goal? Is your partner willing to make sacrifices in life to make your marriage work?
The answers to such questions should give you some insights on who your partner is and whether or not they are purpose driven.


Marrying a cheat is almost suicidal. You need someone you can trust, someone you can entrust with your children in future, someone you can trust with your money, someone you can trust with your plans and above all, someone who will remain faithful in marriage. If your fiancée can’t be honest with you when you are dating, then do not expect them to be honest after marriage. It will remain to be a story of the same monkey but in a different forest.

If your partner is not true to herself or himself during the dating period, this is a clear sign that he or she is not qualified to be your marriage partner. If honest is your virtue, then run away from dishonest partners. A community husband or wife will definitely make your life a living hell.


You will never live in a world where the two of you are the only human species. You will live with people, partners who are mean and disrespectful to other people can make your life a living hell. If your fiancée is chaotic and full of drama even before your parents, please, advise them to join drama club somewhere or perhaps they should try their luck in Hollywood, I hear they love such characters.
A kind and a welcoming partner will always make your home warm. People close to you will always want to associate with you.
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Religion and Faith

You will soon marry and children will be in the picture in no time. So, when children come, what is that unifying factor that will hold you together as a family? What does your partner stand for in religious matters? Everyone believes in something, what does your partner believe in? If your wife cannot go on her knees and pray for her family, then know that your marriage and family is exposed to the enemy forever. On the other hand, if the man of the house belongs to the club and has no time with his maker, he also remains vulnerable and lost.
Teaching your children to grow in a Godly way is the best gift you can give them. Instead of letting your children grow without a religious foundation, do it correctly by getting the right partner in the first place. Children with shaky religious background falls for anything and everything along the way, including what you do not subscribe to.

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