Chuka University PhD Programs

Chuka University offers exceptional doctoral (PhD) programs designed to cultivate advanced knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills in a diverse range of fields. Located in the beautiful Tharaka-Nithi County of Kenya.

To study a Ph.D program at Chuka University one must have Master’s degree from a related discipline from institutions recognized by the university Senate. The university currently offers over 25 Ph.D programs. among the programs include; Ph.D. in Finance, Ph.D. in Educational Management, Ph.D. in Food Science, Ph.D. in Accounting among others.

As a PhD student at Chuka University, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant intellectual community, where you can exchange ideas, participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops, and build valuable connections with scholars from around the world. You will be supported by dedicated supervisors who will guide and mentor you through the research process, ensuring that you develop advanced research skills and produce high-quality scholarly work.

Chuka University’s PhD programs are tailored to meet the needs of aspiring researchers, scholars, and professionals who seek to make significant contributions to their fields of study. With a focus on intellectual rigor and innovative research, these programs provide a platform for students to engage in cutting-edge inquiry, expand the boundaries of knowledge, and address complex societal challenges.

Chuka University PhD Programs

1. Ph.D. in Accounting
2. Ph.D. in Agribusiness Management
3. Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
4. Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
5. Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension
6. Ph.D. in Agronomy
7. Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics
8. Ph.D. in Applied Statistics/ Statistics
9. Ph.D. in Biochemistry
10. Ph.D. in Botany
11. Ph.D. in Business and Management
12. Ph.D. in Chemistry
13. Ph.D. in Community Development
14. Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology

15. Ph.D. in Criminology & Security
16. Ph.D. in Crop Protection
17. Ph.D. in Crop Science
18. Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
19. Ph.D. in Dry Land Agriculture
20. Ph.D. in Early Childhood Devt & Educ
21. Ph.D. in Educational Foundations
22. Ph.D. in Educational Management
23. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
24. Ph.D. in Environmental Science
25. Ph.D. in Finance
26. Ph.D. in Food Science


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