Benson Mutura Wins Nairobi County Speaker Elections Massively.

The former Makadara constituency MP Benson Mutura caught the attention of the Nairobi after winning the County Speaker seat by a big margin. Mutura, the former Jubilee party candidate who lost in 2017, has a lot of support majority of the MCAs.
Mutura was contesting for the vacated MCAs speaker’s seat with the other five candidates. Therefore, he sought support from both ODM and Jubilee MCAs.
Earlier on Thursday, Jubilee leadership led by Raphael Tuju had a meeting where Benson Mutura was endorsed. All the Jubilee MCAs were to vote for Mutura. The meeting was held at the Nairobi headquarters.
Not ditching the Building Bridges Initiative BBI, the Orange Democratic Movement ODM held a meeting on Friday morning deciding to vote for Benson Mutura as a fit for the position.  From the BBI, they will automatically get the position of the deputy speaker.

Swearing In Of Benson Mutura

Mutura was sworn after he managed to garner 99 votes out of 122 to be the speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly. Out of the five candidates who were Kennedy Ng’ondi, Mike Obonyo, Abdi Ali, Allan Chacha, and Odingo Odhiambo, Mutura managed to be number one with 99 the rest got 0 votes.
The acting speaker John Kamangu said that Mutura passed the more than two-thirds majority votes. After the win, Mutura took an oath and pledged to be at service to all MCAs equally and asked them to give him the support to perform the speaker’s duties effectively.

nairob county assembly speaker elect Benson Mutura
Nairobi county assembly speaker elect Benson Mutura | Photo Courtesy

He showed gratitude to the majority party (Jubilee) and its leadership for trusting and voting for him to fill Elachi’s position. He also thanked the minority parties for voting him in to serve them.
“I understand the speaker’s roles, and I will attend to all MCAs regardless of the party,” Mutura said.
While addressing the members after the swearing, Mutura said that he is will work with them in a wholesome manner.
However, this is a political comeback after he was defeated from his parliamentary seat with ODM counterpart George Aladwa.
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