Akuku Danger | I Spend Spend Ksh 1.8 Million Monthly On My 8 Baby Mamas

Simba Marara
Meet  the Kenyan Akuku Danger, Simba Marara who spends heavily in the name of keeping his 8 baby mamas.
Flamboyant city man Tspius Marara also known as Simba Marara unearthed different emotions on social media after parading his baby mamas through his Marara Lifestyle Magazine.
Tspuis Marara admitted that he has 8 baby mamas and that he is able to take care of all of them.
The man whose source of wealth has not been disclosed, has his social media pages a wash with his photos together with the baby mamas in a lavish lifestyle.
When asked by one of the local publication how he manages all this, Marara explained,
I have perfected the art of understanding each baby mama, by identifying their interests, Understanding their emotions and keeping them satisfied especially financially. I treat them all equally and loves them equally.” He stated.
He would then go on to reveal that he spends approximately Ksh 1.8 Million a month to maintain his and his baby Mamas lifestyle.
Photo of Simba Marara with his baby mama
In a  video posted online, One of the baby mamas revealed that they did not know they were going to meet each other.
Simba Marara
Together with his baby mamas, Simba Marara has as well shared photos of his children who are living a lavish life as well.
Simba as he refers to himself, reveals to the world that he is trying to live his best.
Simba marara
Watch one of the videos in which one of his baby Mamas makes the admission.

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